Friday, 26 February 2010

Virginia Water Brothel

Police have shut down a suspected brothel in Virginia Water.

They raided the premises in Station Parade after reports it was being used for prostitution.

Searches confirmed suspicions and an enforced closure was immediately put in place.

The owner is now working with police to identify those responsible.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Thorpe Park Pee

Organisers from Thorpe Park are taking the pee with their latest attraction ‘Saw Alive’ a live action horror maze.

Based on the washroom scene from the film, the ride will take on the stench of public toilets and organisers want your wee.

From this Friday special urine sample stands will be set up for people to come along and pee into.

The stench of the winning wee will be bottled, re-created and pumped into the maze for greater authenticity.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Winter Olympics Curling & Giant Slalom

Kingston’s Ed Drake is back on the slopes today competing in the men’s Skiing Giant Slalom.

In his first Olympics this will be the youngsters 4th event so far, former British Number 1 & Ski Sunday presenter Graham Bell thinks he can cope with the work load.

The Women’s Curling team are all but out, they lost 9-8 to Denmark leaving them with slim chances of a medal.

They need a win against Canada tonight and rely on other results going their way if they are to progress to the semis.

It’s the finals of the Women’s Ski Cross today, Britain’s Sarah Sauvey in her first Olympics will be looking for a strong run.

Her position is quite unique having funded her racing career through part time jobs whilst also studying for a Business Degree.

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