Thursday, 30 June 2011

Show 24 Blind Pilots / Where are your friends tonight?

Broadcast: Friday 1/7/11 12:00

Win tix to 1234 Shoreditch Festival in the show!

Thanks for tuning in and dropping by, really the warmest of thanks, if your tuned in and listened up then I’m crying, again.

This show was immensely tricky to present, slightly easier to produce.

I feel sorry for all the wonderful artists and bands featured that my vocals interrupt them. Some of my fave sounds and hopefully some of yours too.

Its really been the toughest week and by gosh goodness thank #ff we’re at the summit.

Heartbreak head mistake, promiscuous behaviour deserves this fate?

I cant say enough how much the friendly faces mean to me, you are by my side and in my stride with every strut I try and step. It was emotion FM and my voice breaks properly on the last link introducing LCD Soundsystem. For you Jon Sims, Dan Garvey, Emma Lindsay, Michael Butler, Hannah Davey, Natalie Haw & Lisa Burprich, I love you all and hopefully, gleefully? I’ll look/listen back to this show and laugh at my own peril.

Press play ……



1. Arcade Fire – No Cars GoStormed
2. Friendly Fires – Lovesick
3. Talk Talk – Its My Life
4. Primal Scream – Higher than the Sun
5. Joy Formidable – Austere
6. Anna Calvi – Desire
7. Garbage – Special
8. The Cooper Temple Clause – did you miss me
9. Kills – Future Stars Slow
10. Jenny & Jonny – Big Waves
11. LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends

Bonus track
12. Chemical Brothers - Dissolve

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Golden Times / Stolen Days

In golden times and stolen days
The light of the sun shows the error of my ways.

The voice of reason comes from you?
Guiding me along as I mess up through.

Seeing you standing in the muddy sun
Smiling and laughing and having fun.

Cool with the sitch
As I’d been the bitch
Chatting to everyone
As I felt an itch.

Fate or fortune or all things bright?
Sharing the train back to London Light.

The hardest I cried was thinking of you
At the pain I’d caused to make you feel blue.

Things wont be the same
But I’m going to Spain
& sharing friends amongst us
Will be lovely again.

Sorry and sorry and sorry times two
Lykki Li I’ll always love you


Friday, 17 June 2011

2 feet first

Met Sophie Ellis Bextor on Monday - she was giving blood for National Blood week, ummed and erred for ages before talking to her. They'd told me to take a seat, i'd done the finger prick bit an was waiting for the full pint challenge.

There was 1 guy in front of me + I really like her so thought fork it - got some snaps, they snapped me for the offical blood site too an it was really fun.

She liked Isabella a lot - twice commenting in fact!

Got very boshed @ the Tennis on Tuesday and have kind of paid for it all week, another midnight home stumble out with Dr Formless meant the headaches have become norm ish . . . .

21:00 bed times last night and I'm ready to Follow Friday! Loads of responses to the show and @'s for my new baby @shoreditchradio and the feet first diving just Had to happens.

Cam said she was in the office fort manning alone so to not call would've been just rude right? Tiffany 'I think we're alone now' then crept into my head an the prospect of a silly serinade was All my day needed.

Ummmed an errred an nearly backed out but pressed the dial speed and #makeithappen'd

Was lovely to hear her immaculate coloquial vocals and wayward weekend antic plannings.

I can't remember ever being so nervous about making a phone call? Still shaking a bit now - also went propper blonde, got out of the lift on the wrong floor, made a cup of tea and munched a chewing gum all in quick succession. Its English breakfast but now tasting more peppermint.

5"8 @girlterate Lovebox Sat we've got our date!

Blue Casette with the biggest of grin will spin soon as we depart from here, followed by Tiffany.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Shoreditch Radio Killing Moon Show 22 - Lets Kill Music

Press Play


1. The Kills - Last Day of Magic

2. Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air

3. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill

4. Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance

5. Happy Mondays - Step On

6. School of 7 Bells - Half Asleep

7. INXS - Listen like Thieves

8. The Streets -Roof of your car

9. The Cooper Temple Clause - Promises Promises

10. Joy Formidable - A Heavy Abacus

11. The Wombats - Moving to New York

The 1234 Shoreditch Festival Tix

Win tickets to The 1234 Shoreditch Festival

Taking place Saturday 9th July in Shoreditch Park.

The Raveonettes, Black Lips and Zombie Nation.

Showcasing up and coming acts alongside more established cult talent.

Tickets are available now from

For your chance to win tune into the Killing Moon this Friday from 12.

THE 1234 Shoreditch Festival – Saturday 9th July.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Killing Moon - tonight 9:13pm LDN time

The moon will rise in Earth's shadow this evening in a rare lunar eclipse that could turn our natural satellite a deep shade of red.

With clear skies, the celestial spectacle will be visible across the UK, with the exception of northern Scotland, as soon as the moon rises after sunset.

Moonrise time varies with location, but for observers in London, the show will begin at 9.13pm. Further north, in Glasgow, moonrise begins at 9.58pm.

A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon, Earth and sun line up, and our home planet casts a vast shadow that engulfs the moon.

When the moon moves into the darkest part of the Earth's shadow, the umbra, it will turn a slate grey or brick red colour.

The moon changes colour because blue light - and other short wavelengths - scatter more in the Earth's atmosphere, with more red light getting through.

The Royal Astronomical Society said the eclipse, if visible, could be a spectacular opportunity for photographers. The moon will remain low in the night sky, so observers will need a clear horizon and cloudless skies to see it well. Unlike solar eclipses, a lunar eclipse is safe to watch with the naked eye.

The event will be visible in Australasia, southern Japan, a large area of Asia, India, Africa, Europe and the eastern part of South America.

The total eclipse ends at 22.03pm, when the Moon starts to leave the darkest part of the umbra. At this time, the moon will be only five degrees above the south-eastern horizon from London, whilst in Glasgow the whole of the lunar disk will not yet have appeared and from northern Scotland it will not be visible at all.

In the final stage of the eclipse, the moon moves into the lighter part of Earth's shadow, the penumbra, and will likely take on a yellowish hue. The eclipse will be over just after midnight, at 00.02am Thursday morning.

(this article is from the Guardian not the Preshaah) I writ not as good it as. them


Win tickets to Lovebox festival

Taking place from the 15th to the 17th of July in Victoria Park.

The Scissor Sisters, the Wombats and performing Doggy Style in full – Snoop Dog.

12 stages plus Cabaret – Cirque – Vintage Bazarr – Street Theatre – Giant Art Installation

Tickets are available now from

For your chance to win tune into the Killing Moon this Friday from 12 on Shoreditch Radio.

Lovebox festival 15th 16th 17th July Victoria Park

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Killing Moon Show 21 - U Tube Spesh

I'm full of shit. Essentially a performer, I get very itchy sitting still or at a desk and love the live improv of meeting / talking / acting something new.

I get tired pretty quickly too and my monkey mind means I'm never really thinking about 1 thing at a time more 2 or 3 whilst singing a song.

I wanted to be an actor, a TV presenter, after a month of uni realised that wasn't really an aimable aim so went for a musical route - present about music, perhaps on the radio?

Set my sights and extra curricularly studied the media radio modules (2:1 they awarded this part timer) learnt the editing / producing ship an carried on listening and dreamings .... #dreamgirl

Friendly forward a few years, side stepped read travel and news reports and now present the Killing Moon on Shoreditch Radio! Word to the fucking Word!

So good they thought of the show they chose it to launch the station in Octember 2010!

Got a few more title ambitions and desires, presenting this is just a love, when you listen is a hearthrob & I want MORE.

Bit hung over so I could be clouded judgements but this is happening? I was hanging with the Cooper Temple Clause last night and this is dreaming with my eyes open or are you gunner wake up.

Whatev's, a very honestly show with desires, ambitions, notions, emotions, front, lacking / lagging material but it'll never be broadcasts, only to you so Enjoy!

Just did a nuff hard pinch and this is really real, I do talk loads of ship but people pay me to do it so I can't keep quiet. This is real, its happening, happened and I will make you Mine!

Press Play ......

Download ...

Friendly Fires - Jump in the pool

Audio Bully's - Shoot Down

Oasis - Whatever

Van Halen - Jump

Pharell Williams - Frontin

Led Zeppelin - Ramble on

Madonna - Cherish

neneh cherry buffalo stance

The Cooper Temple Clause - Promises Promises

Friday, 10 June 2011

Shoreditch Radio Killing Moon Show 20 - Shoot Speed / Kill Light

Shoreditch Radio Killing Moon Show 20 - Shoot Speed / Kill Light
Broadcast Friday 10/6/11 12:00

1. Raveonettes – Attack of the Ghost Riders

2. Primal Scream – Shoot Speed / Kill Light

3. Friendly Fires – Helpless

4. Tom Vek – A Core

---- Anne Freier interview

5. I am Harlequin – Betty Davies Eyes

6. Naked & Famous – Young Blood

7. Van Halen - Jump

8. Look Stranger

9. Joy Formidable – While the Flies

10. Phil Collins – Invisible touch

11. Bjork – Venus as a boy.

Press Play


In next weeks show Anna Meacham will be dropping by to talk about musical sounds and notions - check out her blog

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sketching Stories

Just doing a bit of prep for this weekends West London Derby.

It'll be The Preshaah and ... the listeners, Thornley, SimO and Garvey are all otherwise engaged so I'll be flying the ship alone.

Got some bits together, it could be quite a bit more music based with a collection of other sports away from soccer in that, there is no soccer!

Checked out the Radio Jackie website for some local stories and harked back to the archives for some of mine!

These were Jan 2010, fun time, delightful memories, title ambitions

Press Play .....

Twickenham Runner
A Twickenham runner is set to under go blood tests after nearly collapsing after his race at the Edinburgh International Cross Country on the weekend.

Mo Farah who trained at St Mary's University in Strawberry Hill, required medical treatment after his 3rd place finish in the race.

He suffered similar problems after finishing second in the European Cross Country Championships in Ireland in December.

Surbiton Olympic Ice Skater
A Surbiton Ice skater has been selected to represent Great Britain at the winter Olympics in Vancouver in February.

Sarah Lindsay is one of two women competing in the short track speed skating event.

She previously competed at the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games and Salt Lake City in 2002

Teenager charged with halloween murder in Sutton
A third man arrested over the murder of a Sutton man last Halloween, will appear in court later.

The 17-year-old, who can’t be named for legal reasons was arrested in South Wimbledon and charged at the weekend.

Ben Gardner was attacked by a gang in Sutton town centre, in a row over a witches hat.

He died the following day.

Ha I remeber this 1:
Search still on for two horses stolen in Shepperton
The search is still on for two miniature horses which were stolen in Shepperton.

The offenders broke in and stole them from Charlton Road last week.

Both horses are between 2 and 3 feet tall – one is grey and brown – the other grey with brown and white colourings.

Police want to hear from any-one who may have been approached about buying the animals.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I am Harlequin Shoreditch Radio Interview

I Am Harlequin paid a delightful vist to Shoreditch Radio this week to guest on The Killing Moon.

Her rousing rendition of Kim Karnes 'Betty Davies Eyes' gives the origonal a husky kick / kiss and sounds rather bliss.

We spoke about her ill treating of musical instruments, hiding behind the Foo Fighters? and father figures risking thier life for music!

You can catch her on tour in Shoreditch very soon, her self titled debut album is out now.

Press play ...



18.06.2011 GoGoFestival (Old Truman Brewery)

18.06.2011 Big Mix Fest London

13.07.2011 Proud Galleries, Camden

27.07.2011 The Macbeth, Hoxton

13.08.2011 Relentless Boardmasters

27.08.2011 Strawberry Fields Festival


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Shoreditch Show Stories

Thanx to drowned in sound for these

Sexy TV
The media and advertising industries are taking a "relaxed" view of government-backed plans to clamp down on sexualised imagery, including raunchy music videos.

The UK government has backed a report, the result of a six-month review, carried out by Mother's Union chief executive Reg Bailey in response to concerns over the commercialisation and sexualisation of children.

There had been the possibility of legislation to prevent the use and promotion of certain imagery. However, Bailey's report merely calls for voluntary regulation, according to The Guardian.

The Horrors:
release their new record next month. It's called Skying and comes out through XL Records on July 11, which is just over a month to wait, for those of you not good with calendars and stuff like that.
Fans of the band will be pleased, then, to find out that the Southend-originating group have just confirmed a whole heap of shows for later in the year, October to be precise. October: 12 - London, Roundhouse

M83 "It's a double album. It's mainly about dreams, how every one is different, how you dream differently when you're a kid, a teenager, or an adult. I'm really proud of it. If you're doing a very long album, all the songs need to be different and I think I've done that with this one. Overall, it's pop — and very epic. Anyone who loved M83 before, they'll love this album even more. People that hated me, they're going to hate this, too."

Radiohead Oh, of course, it's finally time again for some more Radiohead news, this time concerning some The King of Limbs remixes. There will be a series of 12" remixes released throughout the Summer through XL/Ticker Tape. The first two tracks on the very first 12" release will be by Caribou who rework 'Little By Little' and Jacques Greene who works his magic on 'Lotus Flower'. Check out the artwork below. Sketchy.
That particular release comes out on July 4, available at selected independent record stores and through the band's official website. WAV formats will be available through Boomkat and also on

Bjork will be undertaking a three week live residency at the Manchester International Festival.

Björk will be performing Biophilia which is "a multimedia project encompassing music, apps, internet, installations and live shows" and "celebrates how sound works in nature, exploring the infinite expanse of the universe, from planetary systems to atomic structure", which all sounds very interesting, although the words likely don't do it justice.

The residency will incorprate six live shows where she'll perform tracks from the new Biophilia album, with all kinds of musical accoutrements, musicians and collaborators. There is even talk of a 30-foot pendulum, which sounds awfully impressive. The Manchester shows will be the premiere of Biophilia but it will travel elsewhere to many other cities around the world, which is good news if you don't live in England or want to go to Manchester.

The shows take place on June 30 (20:30), July 3 (16:30), July 7 (20:30), July 10 (16:30) and July 16 (20:30). Tickets are priced at £45 and are available from here. Also playing at the MIF will be Damon Albarn, of Blur fame.

Plesant Twitter

Birdsong is back on PURE radios
Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2011 at 11:21

Fans of former DAB station Birdsong can now get their fix of tweeting on PURE’s internet radios.

The radio maker has teamed up with the RSPB to put a library of bird sounds onto its Flow connected sets.

The service is launching to coincide with the RSPB’s ‘Make Your Nature Count’ summer survey and we’re told will help those taking part to identify birds in the garden or local park.

It contains 50 different types of UK birdsong – ranging from robins and blackbirds to the lesser spotted woodpecker and pied wagtail. The radios will also display scrolling text giving information about the birds. PURE’s touch-screen Sensia, as well as the company’s Lounge iPhone app will also feature illustrations of the birds to help identification.

The RSPB’s Bryan Bland says: “People in the UK love their garden birds and having a library of 50 different birds to listen to through the radio is a great way of bringing the outdoor inside. It’s great that owners of PURE radios with Flow Technology will be able to see and hear a bird from their kitchen window, and straight away find out more about it via their radio.”

Colin Crawford, PURE’s director of marketing, added: “We know that birdsong is extremely popular with our customers as it has consistently been the top alarm on Siesta Flow, our internet-connectedbedside radio, so we jumped at the chance to offer a RSPB endorsed library of birdsong as we know it will be a real hit with our customers as well as a great educational tool.”

Saturday, 4 June 2011

West London Derby 4/6/11 Hour 1

First hour from this weeks award winning West London Derby show.

101.4 ONFM is where you can find us every Saturday 1-3pm

With the greatness presenters including:


Press Play


Friday, 3 June 2011

Killing Moon show 19

Broadcast 3/6/11 12:00 on Shoreditch Radio

Silly slurred messy sounds, mis matched with boxes of clouds.

Got stood up by 2 guests this week! Had to do a paper mashay' style cut up to fix the gaps but we filled.

We filled with 80's inspired indie rock n roll and some nonsense talking about where you might want to be in Hoxton this weekend.

Press play .....


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Harmonic Generator 13/10

The slightest of touch,
could be all too much.
But to see you like this
Is an Enormous fuss.

The last time we spoke,
wasn't the most fun
but the times before that
you made my head spun.

Your still with me
on so many days
Strutting & Smiling
in the cheekiest ways.

You pop in and out,
of a blurred up head
pictures of photos
You dressed up in red.

Should I say anything?
or just leave it out?
even a poke,
could be more of a shout.

Does it even matter,
after so long?
Well, your still in my thoughts
& in so many songs.

I'm sending good thoughts,
sending you vibes,
Your keeping Swell
& this a surprise.

Harmonic Generator, intermogulator xx