Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Back Room

Fake DIY Style we assembled this little classic rock ensemble entitle The Back Room.

With the delicious sounds of Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, The Cindy Lauper its a real wholesome end to a Driving CD style Disc 2.

Also flung in a few modern classical sounds from Sleeper and Lykki Li.

The Back Room press play ........

The Olympic Show

The Olympic Show from Riverside Studios 7th April 2012

Hoxton Live XXV

Hoxton Live XXV from Electricity Showrooms 6th April 2012

Friday, 6 April 2012


I Just wanna hug you and give you a massive squeeze, the though of you down is really rubbish.

I've always been boyed by seeing you and countless occasions of delinquent in depth revelation late night girl conversation I didn't even know existed?

You will be so fine and late 20's mid life crises are the new thing and totally worth embracing with wide open, slightly manacle wide eyed glee.

We all love you, its not a solo show so keep full batteries and shout out day or night, E2 is so close to KT1 and TFL journey planner says within minutes you can be next to me.

When drinking doesn't help its pretty much the hardest place but we all know its only short term and white wine with intent is so on the cards for some sunny Soho soon to come!

For such a liccle lady you are huge in all the brightest ways and lighting up my life you've done for so many days.

Beautiful with the cheekiest cheeks and pocket sized to fit in overhead lockers or next to the nearest available occasion of festive wholesome goodness which you shine so Huge over the rest of us with grace and unknowing.

Love xx