Thursday, 9 February 2012

Because they are your Friends

Friends XOYO
Wednesday 8th February 2012

Freezing high day, feelings all around - the explosive warming sweet shining vibe Friends bought to XOYO last night with the adoring crowd leaving with a glow and hug of NYC goodness.

They played out a set which included probably only two tunes the audience would’ve really known yet every body got down like they were all established pop rock hits.

The stage vibe and gentle delight they bring in their attire, movement, ability and tenderness just feel like a kiss kiss on the end of a phone call.

Lead singer Sam leapt into the crowd on countless occasions while treating the hungry crowd to a fine vocal range, fluid lush dance moves and healthy blueberry bursts of giggles which were reciprocated by ‘the best crowd on the tour’

They are back in May for another mini burst and as yet hush hush untitled debut record out at the same time, they are also playing London’s Coolest Festival Field Day on the Jubilee Weekend.

Luck Number Records

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hoodlums interview Hoxton FM Olympic Show

The Hoodlums dropped into the Olympic Show this week to talk about adventures at the sea side and the Awesome new single Dark Horses which is out now.

My initial fears were proved right within a minute when Vainglorious said fuck in pretty much the opening gambit.

Keeping the the show and guest on the rails after that was never going to happen.

You can catch Hoodlums this coming Thursday 9th of February at The Wilmington Arms (near Exmouth Market - Farringdon/Angel), onstage at 9.15pm.

'Dark Horses' single out 30/01/2012:

Twitter @Hoodlumsband

Interview followed by the glorious single here: