Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Shoreditch Radio Killing Moon Show 18 - Chair Balloon.

Killing Moon – Chair Balloon Show 18
Broadcast Friday 27th May 12:00

Delight / insight / load a shite? Yeah its all of the before.

With up down clown around's this show journey'd quite far into my dark thinkings with dancy up beats pop disco soundings and more macabe, somber Sunday night sort of sounds?

I are 7 days a week in everyday's with highs and hay fever lows, two's and frow's

Show 18 is really quickly spoken jabber with shouts to a few festive females, suggestions for the elongated weekend and musical Delights to the 100% Max.

I don't erm think I um say Ermmm once? Yeah though thinking jibber jabber turned and cranked to 11.

You will not turn back and Will be delighted to share this sailing sweet successful sounds.

Press Play .....

Direct Download .....

1. Tom Vek – A Core
New Single / Nothing but Green lights / KM

2. LCD - Drunk Girls
Lucy Christine Dodd / Champagne / Loose Cannons

3. Friendly Fires – True Love
November Tour / NME /

4. Lykki Li – Sadness is my boyfriend
Fixer / Entrance Band / Didz

5. Echo & The Bunnymen – THE KILLING MOON
Kevin Gooner Reed

6. Thurston Moore – Benediction
Elizabeth Alker

7. Vaccines – Post break up sex
Glasto watch / Train / Car / tents

8. Streets – Soldiers
Sunday tears /

9. I am harlequin – Betty Davis Eyes
Brand spanking new

10. drive band - Falling Back
Latest Single / Xfm veto / shake it

11. Thomas Tantrum. – Face the Music

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Then I'll be happy

When I'm asm @ Shoreditch Radio - The Killing Moon is daily? the rest of the ish is up and running and I've got proper full on creative input into All the other shows.

Similar @ ONFM - Running the ad scene, guest are que'd and lining out the door to come on (just like the Killing Moon today)

We've got phone hook up and soccer stats guest chats really rocks in a fine flowing way.

I've got proper broadband and this 3 dongle is a wow add on when I truck up @ x soccer scene to report.

When I'm summarising @ soccer matches - lower league for now but my hat in the ring - write up for x website / newspaper / station.

In my house

1. Broadband - Sky too.
2. Speakers for my laptop which will be a mac + Ipad, don't even really want one but Want one.
3. Some plants - 1 isn't enough.
4. Fridge stocked with all kinds of shit, cupboards with the most excentrix excitements.
5. A wine rack with @ least 5 bottles All the times.
6. Magazine subs? Won't even read it but just leave it lying around.
7. More art - that Kate Moss pic with her looking in the wing mirror.
8. Loads of snaps of my friends on the wall Instargram shit in your face.
9. Hanging basket + herbs in the kitchen window.
10. A G to go with the & D for local laffs.
11. Digital scales
12. Single speed bike

(12, 11, 3 maybe 7 & 2 are all on the cards nuff soon so we can get ticcking those off asap)

Tickets for x x xx 3 - 6 months down the line / audio / comedic. & a share of an Arsenal season ticket or regular attendance with the Red action group.

Might add more later but for now that'll be all.

And you here with me, munching on All the mighty feasts, spilling wine, chat romming your own profiles, plotting ticket exploits and teaching me all your wize wisdoms.

Then & Only then I'll be contented"

With every second and ounce and micro ish that passes, i'll continue to strive to #makeithappen xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Shoreditch Radio Schedule W/C 23-5

You can catch me on air twice this week with the Killing Moon.

Because it is that darn good!

Thomas Tantrum will be in interview this Friday - tune in for your chance to win signed copies of their record.


10am My Band's Better Than Your Band
11am The Killing Moon
12pm Benson and Proudfoot
1.15pm Conchitas Cabaret
2pm Dalston's Diamond Lights
3pm Mudlove
4pm Who the f*** knows contains strong language


10am - Dalston's Diamond Lights
12pm - Groin Exchange
1pm - Vic Hollup Show
2pm - Conchitas Cabaret
3pm - Bones Corp / At the end of the Tunnel
4pm - Show Pony and Big Fun


10am - Lyons and Barratt
12pm - Eleanor's Social Network
1pm - Scotch on the Socks
2pm - Lady Luck Club
3pm - Favourite Forgotten
4pm - Who the f*** knows


10am - Dance Dance Dance to the Radio
12pm - Rare Groove Show
1pm - Radio Jam
2pm - Conchitas Cabaret
3pm - Melting Pot
4pm - Invisible Jukebox

10am - My Band's Better than your band
12pm - Killing Moon
1pm - Lyons and Barratt
2pm - Kiss My Teeth
3pm - Dalston's Diamond Lights
4pm - The Anoraks

Sunday, 22 May 2011

It Is Happening

Strange up and round week, bumping into things, forgetting where I was most of the time? Puzzled by people and uncontrollably drawn to others.

As ever deligthed for the roll on of Friday and and the wonders that might behold?

We began in Soho, around 13:15 - a stroll to the cash machine and the weekend's agenda was hoist higher as a couple of colleagues informed me they were heading out for Richlove's birthday in the PM.

The guy is the essence of happiness, the warmest delighted smile / laugh combo is so infexious and I knew he'd dig me showing up on a 'random'

Some £4.80? Sammy Smiths rounds then 1/2 price drinx was the perfect economy form my over stretched post NYC budget.

Kept it controlled and was heading back home in the Soho sundown when I guess the making of my weekend begun when KM called me out from the blue!

Fought through a flawless weights routine Saturday am whilst downloading some sounds then biked over to Hammersmith for the show which blurred by. 2 hours of soccer stats guest chats made all the more merry with SimO in toe - I instantly put him under the spotlight with probing questions of where his journalism had taken him during his 6 month travels? He responded by cracking up uncontrollably and we all nearly lost it.

On the journey home I stopped off in Hyde Park and enjoyed 60" of delicious rays and tunes whist pondering the evenings adventures.

Gave the flat and my face a little fix and hedded to Stoke Newington for Pedro's birthday. Likely lads Thornley, Jimmy, Cousin & the enigmatic Jerome made for a nice loosening up and onto some after dark exploits.

I go on about 20 meetings a month @ work, they are all fun and making acquaintances with complete strangers is a great gig every time, even the Z's.

Met Lucy on Thursday to discuss Gossip Girl, Jack Daniels, Epsom, the only way is Chelsea and a tiny bit of work too. Lucy is by far and away, out of the 100+ meeting's I've been on - the Most Most Gorgeous.

Had the delightful pleasure of meeting up with her from some birthday beverages in Calloah Callay followed by champers from the bottle in Dragon Bar! Was nil interested in Cargo as my ride was only going 1 place - Hoxton Pony.

The party, nation, suped up elation the Loose Cannons bring is a feeling / sight / special / delight to behold. Dramatergue' was on flayling form, Dan clapping hands, some celular phone numbers and a chicken shish on the way home topped an exquisite Saturday Session.

Was still pretty party happy this morning and unsurprisingly @ 9:00 ish nil of my friends were up so a succession of VM's and Something for the Weekend was to suffice. The Twitx suddenly started to go wild and the cyber conversations were ticklesome and fun for this Echo Fan son"

Watching the soccer season draw to a close just now was, quite fascinating, so so many twists and turns - I had 1 main hope - Wigan survive, anything else was a bonus. Oh what a bonus with scummy brummy waving us good by - You'll never play here again!

Looking forward to another 3.5 day week, show on Tuesday, some excitements Wednesday? & my friend house sitting for me while I'm away for the bank holiday. She'll need some cheering up so a liccle ration pack of Wine, confectionery, post it notes on everythings and my beautiful box fresh pad should smile her steps a little'

Exhausted shattered but so fine feeling,
this is happening,
you help me #makeithappen.
I forget from time to time,
thinking in song lyric & Rhyme,
I'm not sitting still or slacking on the job,
and I always - get what I want.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Show 17 - Blur

What a mighty duck up?

Coming Live from London Fields, the Killing Moon on Location.

I pretty much messed up everythings this week, +1 for Saturday night is about as possible as us winning the league. 10:30 oh I thought it was 10:00 tomorrow?

Hi have you gone to the wrong office?

Can I cash this ........ ch .... You've lost the cheque haven't you?

Got a show up and off the ground though so fork you laffer listener!

Hawaiian Air, its a notion, emotion full flavoured devotion and we'll begin the show this week with it as you need to fill your lungs.

Happy Birthday week's to my sister, nephew, Lucy, Camilla and Ian Curtis / end.

Press this - with thanx to all who have sent me press - Press officers are Wonderful and PR's are Even Better! (I am a trained journalist so these words have creds and should touch your, touch)

Press play ......


1. Friendly Fires – Hawaiian Air
Mikey DDD radio / #fails meetings cheque / hayfever.

2. Joy Formidable – Don’t want to see you like this
Lumpy Heads / 1 arms / Hawaiian Air

3. Ellie Goulding – Writer
Fulham FC / Southend / Ten 17

4. Talk Talk – Its My Life
----- Matt Interview -------

5. Beau & Arrows - 0797
Ft East / Twitter / Didz / West London Derby

6. Streets – Boxes
Midi Midi / Loose Cannons / Central Line
Spanish GP / AFC

7. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
31 years / Twitx / Glasto Tix

8. Thomas Tantrum – The Last Kiss
Playlist / Interview / Shoreditch Radio meet / Danny Steel

9. Tranz Vamp – Baby I don’t care
Ipod A / Tokyo / Lucy Dodd B'day / Chaz B'day / Jacob B'day / Cam B'day!

10. Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette


Thursday, 12 May 2011

Killing Moon Show 16 - the Backlash

Broadcast Shoreditch Radio Friday 13th May @ 12:00

Wonderously wild to be back in the studio, excitements were compounded after hanging with the Dance to the Underground chaps and heckling from Ellenor!

Ferociously flew threw some silly sounds inspired by the year 1986, which, in silver shine celebrates beautiful birthday's this week.

Bouy'd by seeing my Boy John Simit earlier in the week, pepped to have hooked up with Delfino Square and excitments to be rocking out with Didz & Thornley this weekend for West London Derby.

I sorry to speaking so fast, it may be sound uncontrolled @ times and I wasn't holding on at any stage.


Press Play .....

1. Beau & Arrows – 07973
Ken Bostero / Google Music / #hayfever

2. Transvision Vamp - Don't Care
NME Radio / Mark & Twat / Tom Ravenscroft – Ellenor Conway

3. Joy Formidable – Heavy Abacus
Koko / Simo / Parry / Glasto – drive

Delfino Interview
4. Delfino Square – Feel this way

5. Drive Band – No feel
Bio I love listening to music. I love playing music. I think its all i know about really?

6. Eurythmics – Sister's doing it for themselves
Emma Lindsay / Queen Bodecia / Pop Music

7. Madonna – Cherish
Netil House interview /

8. Falco - Rock me Amadeus
May 1986 / daft vid / Kate Middleton

9. Friendly Fires – Live those days tonight

10. Destiny's Child - Say My Name
Killed the Royal Wedding / Friendship band / #dreamgirl

11. Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds xxxo

FA Cup West London Derby
Hoxton Pony
Time FM
Villa H
Friendly Fires
Brendan Spanish
Dave Mac – Sony X 3
Daniel / Marianne Garvey – Sony Silvers
Ken Bostero
Didz & Andy
Super Damo

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Press Play ....



Thursday, 5 May 2011

Boo - Hiss - We all Miss

Partying, flying around the town,
Waving flags @ everyone around.

Seeing in the newly wed
Now trapped on the sick bed.

Skipping larking had a little spill
A&E said she be ill.

They reckon it’s the most painful break?
To even laugh does it ache?

So sad an sorry for your pain
Let me make it better again.

When the sun comes out
Lay about

Work on the tan
And the adoring 1,388 fan(s)

The world is a quieter place,
When your doped up and off your face.

Delirious, delinquent enjoy the time off
Beautiful 1 arm, you still rock!


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

When Someone Great is Gone

When Someone Great is Gone - LCD Soundsystem.

They will be playing that in the airport right now and across Singapore, across Asia, Tokyo, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand & Vietnam and I'm so fucking glad.

Its been a great last 6 months but you coming back is Even Greater!! Can't believe its in mere hours as this goes to press.

Kind of forgot actually? As is everything I build it up an build it up an when the event comes it kind of just drifts by.

The event, the moment & the glory wont be drifting by this time as Someone Great is Back!

I think I actually split up with Lisa the day you left or the day of your party maybe? Strange times followed just after that I guess, Emma has been wicked we've hung out loads, Garv is pretty much stuck in the stix with Natalie these days, Emma L has her own agenda with Louie and the rest are all just squad players anyway!!

Made this playlist just as you left and I'm listening to it now - ONFM, Dan and I had just started doing the show there an it seemed like a cool playlist name?

Same Skies by the Cribs is the most poignant song and Every time its played I look up to our same shared skies. Remember riding down Hackney Rd hearing it and having tears in my eyes.

We'll be dancing with Tears in my eyes on Tuesday night man for Formidable Joy down @ Koko. My favourite man & my favourite band? Tears for Fears!!

Can't wait to hear your tales of joy and formidable fun and the fire we're gunner start again back in London town - 93 Feet East Friday if you are keen? FA Cup final is next weekend, Glasto is just a stones wave away, Reading, West London Derby appearances?

Its been fun, fun folds of fun,
6 months living in partial sun, and at times, coming un-done.

Never really lonely but wish you were here,
sharing a laugh, sharing a cheer.

So much to tell you, so elongated time,
Might set an alarm for midnight, as you fly on by.

Prospect list woman,
she blows my mind,
Dreamt bout her last night,
You tell her she's Mine!

Lager please over here, get him a suit & get him a beer!

When someone great is back, summer time to the MAX.

Your shout out laugh, higher than a giraffe?

This has gone a wry,
I think its time to fly
An set that alarm
As you jet in on High.

When Someone Great is Gone - Back to where once he come from.

Jonathan Ronald Sims

Monday, 2 May 2011

Sharp shock to your - soft side

Listening to It's Blitz by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's in Sam's empty apartment, its a sharp shock to my, soft side.

Its been such an incredible vacation which started on Good Thursday really with a whole 7 days in NYC sandwiched right smirch in the middle.

Very don't want to leave but its been a huge 7 and I dunno if I could take much more?

Time has just been squared the whole time x time. Awake at 7/8ish - bedtime 3/4ish the days have been endless, the days have been strong.

Ran to Central park today which were great, had a stroll, checked a little jazz busker then ran back down 5th and my favourite bagel stand just on Union Square.

Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart came on shuffle which was just magical, extremely short lived as the Wombats - Moving to New York gave me shudders of pivotal Preshaah.

Looks like Christmas came early, looks like Christmas came early for me?

Press Play ......