Thursday, 19 May 2011

Show 17 - Blur

What a mighty duck up?

Coming Live from London Fields, the Killing Moon on Location.

I pretty much messed up everythings this week, +1 for Saturday night is about as possible as us winning the league. 10:30 oh I thought it was 10:00 tomorrow?

Hi have you gone to the wrong office?

Can I cash this ........ ch .... You've lost the cheque haven't you?

Got a show up and off the ground though so fork you laffer listener!

Hawaiian Air, its a notion, emotion full flavoured devotion and we'll begin the show this week with it as you need to fill your lungs.

Happy Birthday week's to my sister, nephew, Lucy, Camilla and Ian Curtis / end.

Press this - with thanx to all who have sent me press - Press officers are Wonderful and PR's are Even Better! (I am a trained journalist so these words have creds and should touch your, touch)

Press play ......


1. Friendly Fires – Hawaiian Air
Mikey DDD radio / #fails meetings cheque / hayfever.

2. Joy Formidable – Don’t want to see you like this
Lumpy Heads / 1 arms / Hawaiian Air

3. Ellie Goulding – Writer
Fulham FC / Southend / Ten 17

4. Talk Talk – Its My Life
----- Matt Interview -------

5. Beau & Arrows - 0797
Ft East / Twitter / Didz / West London Derby

6. Streets – Boxes
Midi Midi / Loose Cannons / Central Line
Spanish GP / AFC

7. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
31 years / Twitx / Glasto Tix

8. Thomas Tantrum – The Last Kiss
Playlist / Interview / Shoreditch Radio meet / Danny Steel

9. Tranz Vamp – Baby I don’t care
Ipod A / Tokyo / Lucy Dodd B'day / Chaz B'day / Jacob B'day / Cam B'day!

10. Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette


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