Monday, 2 May 2011

Sharp shock to your - soft side

Listening to It's Blitz by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's in Sam's empty apartment, its a sharp shock to my, soft side.

Its been such an incredible vacation which started on Good Thursday really with a whole 7 days in NYC sandwiched right smirch in the middle.

Very don't want to leave but its been a huge 7 and I dunno if I could take much more?

Time has just been squared the whole time x time. Awake at 7/8ish - bedtime 3/4ish the days have been endless, the days have been strong.

Ran to Central park today which were great, had a stroll, checked a little jazz busker then ran back down 5th and my favourite bagel stand just on Union Square.

Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart came on shuffle which was just magical, extremely short lived as the Wombats - Moving to New York gave me shudders of pivotal Preshaah.

Looks like Christmas came early, looks like Christmas came early for me?

Press Play ......

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