Sunday, 22 May 2011

It Is Happening

Strange up and round week, bumping into things, forgetting where I was most of the time? Puzzled by people and uncontrollably drawn to others.

As ever deligthed for the roll on of Friday and and the wonders that might behold?

We began in Soho, around 13:15 - a stroll to the cash machine and the weekend's agenda was hoist higher as a couple of colleagues informed me they were heading out for Richlove's birthday in the PM.

The guy is the essence of happiness, the warmest delighted smile / laugh combo is so infexious and I knew he'd dig me showing up on a 'random'

Some £4.80? Sammy Smiths rounds then 1/2 price drinx was the perfect economy form my over stretched post NYC budget.

Kept it controlled and was heading back home in the Soho sundown when I guess the making of my weekend begun when KM called me out from the blue!

Fought through a flawless weights routine Saturday am whilst downloading some sounds then biked over to Hammersmith for the show which blurred by. 2 hours of soccer stats guest chats made all the more merry with SimO in toe - I instantly put him under the spotlight with probing questions of where his journalism had taken him during his 6 month travels? He responded by cracking up uncontrollably and we all nearly lost it.

On the journey home I stopped off in Hyde Park and enjoyed 60" of delicious rays and tunes whist pondering the evenings adventures.

Gave the flat and my face a little fix and hedded to Stoke Newington for Pedro's birthday. Likely lads Thornley, Jimmy, Cousin & the enigmatic Jerome made for a nice loosening up and onto some after dark exploits.

I go on about 20 meetings a month @ work, they are all fun and making acquaintances with complete strangers is a great gig every time, even the Z's.

Met Lucy on Thursday to discuss Gossip Girl, Jack Daniels, Epsom, the only way is Chelsea and a tiny bit of work too. Lucy is by far and away, out of the 100+ meeting's I've been on - the Most Most Gorgeous.

Had the delightful pleasure of meeting up with her from some birthday beverages in Calloah Callay followed by champers from the bottle in Dragon Bar! Was nil interested in Cargo as my ride was only going 1 place - Hoxton Pony.

The party, nation, suped up elation the Loose Cannons bring is a feeling / sight / special / delight to behold. Dramatergue' was on flayling form, Dan clapping hands, some celular phone numbers and a chicken shish on the way home topped an exquisite Saturday Session.

Was still pretty party happy this morning and unsurprisingly @ 9:00 ish nil of my friends were up so a succession of VM's and Something for the Weekend was to suffice. The Twitx suddenly started to go wild and the cyber conversations were ticklesome and fun for this Echo Fan son"

Watching the soccer season draw to a close just now was, quite fascinating, so so many twists and turns - I had 1 main hope - Wigan survive, anything else was a bonus. Oh what a bonus with scummy brummy waving us good by - You'll never play here again!

Looking forward to another 3.5 day week, show on Tuesday, some excitements Wednesday? & my friend house sitting for me while I'm away for the bank holiday. She'll need some cheering up so a liccle ration pack of Wine, confectionery, post it notes on everythings and my beautiful box fresh pad should smile her steps a little'

Exhausted shattered but so fine feeling,
this is happening,
you help me #makeithappen.
I forget from time to time,
thinking in song lyric & Rhyme,
I'm not sitting still or slacking on the job,
and I always - get what I want.

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