Wednesday, 4 May 2011

When Someone Great is Gone

When Someone Great is Gone - LCD Soundsystem.

They will be playing that in the airport right now and across Singapore, across Asia, Tokyo, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand & Vietnam and I'm so fucking glad.

Its been a great last 6 months but you coming back is Even Greater!! Can't believe its in mere hours as this goes to press.

Kind of forgot actually? As is everything I build it up an build it up an when the event comes it kind of just drifts by.

The event, the moment & the glory wont be drifting by this time as Someone Great is Back!

I think I actually split up with Lisa the day you left or the day of your party maybe? Strange times followed just after that I guess, Emma has been wicked we've hung out loads, Garv is pretty much stuck in the stix with Natalie these days, Emma L has her own agenda with Louie and the rest are all just squad players anyway!!

Made this playlist just as you left and I'm listening to it now - ONFM, Dan and I had just started doing the show there an it seemed like a cool playlist name?

Same Skies by the Cribs is the most poignant song and Every time its played I look up to our same shared skies. Remember riding down Hackney Rd hearing it and having tears in my eyes.

We'll be dancing with Tears in my eyes on Tuesday night man for Formidable Joy down @ Koko. My favourite man & my favourite band? Tears for Fears!!

Can't wait to hear your tales of joy and formidable fun and the fire we're gunner start again back in London town - 93 Feet East Friday if you are keen? FA Cup final is next weekend, Glasto is just a stones wave away, Reading, West London Derby appearances?

Its been fun, fun folds of fun,
6 months living in partial sun, and at times, coming un-done.

Never really lonely but wish you were here,
sharing a laugh, sharing a cheer.

So much to tell you, so elongated time,
Might set an alarm for midnight, as you fly on by.

Prospect list woman,
she blows my mind,
Dreamt bout her last night,
You tell her she's Mine!

Lager please over here, get him a suit & get him a beer!

When someone great is back, summer time to the MAX.

Your shout out laugh, higher than a giraffe?

This has gone a wry,
I think its time to fly
An set that alarm
As you jet in on High.

When Someone Great is Gone - Back to where once he come from.

Jonathan Ronald Sims

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