Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Then I'll be happy

When I'm asm @ Shoreditch Radio - The Killing Moon is daily? the rest of the ish is up and running and I've got proper full on creative input into All the other shows.

Similar @ ONFM - Running the ad scene, guest are que'd and lining out the door to come on (just like the Killing Moon today)

We've got phone hook up and soccer stats guest chats really rocks in a fine flowing way.

I've got proper broadband and this 3 dongle is a wow add on when I truck up @ x soccer scene to report.

When I'm summarising @ soccer matches - lower league for now but my hat in the ring - write up for x website / newspaper / station.

In my house

1. Broadband - Sky too.
2. Speakers for my laptop which will be a mac + Ipad, don't even really want one but Want one.
3. Some plants - 1 isn't enough.
4. Fridge stocked with all kinds of shit, cupboards with the most excentrix excitements.
5. A wine rack with @ least 5 bottles All the times.
6. Magazine subs? Won't even read it but just leave it lying around.
7. More art - that Kate Moss pic with her looking in the wing mirror.
8. Loads of snaps of my friends on the wall Instargram shit in your face.
9. Hanging basket + herbs in the kitchen window.
10. A G to go with the & D for local laffs.
11. Digital scales
12. Single speed bike

(12, 11, 3 maybe 7 & 2 are all on the cards nuff soon so we can get ticcking those off asap)

Tickets for x x xx 3 - 6 months down the line / audio / comedic. & a share of an Arsenal season ticket or regular attendance with the Red action group.

Might add more later but for now that'll be all.

And you here with me, munching on All the mighty feasts, spilling wine, chat romming your own profiles, plotting ticket exploits and teaching me all your wize wisdoms.

Then & Only then I'll be contented"

With every second and ounce and micro ish that passes, i'll continue to strive to #makeithappen xx

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