Sunday, 30 January 2011

West London Derby 29-1

Jam Packed Derby - the Big 4 all in action.

Delightful guest in the form of Dr Gary Weatherall who produces some big time hitters on the BBC.

He Stepped over to 101.4 ONFM and graced us with his inside Chelsea knowledge with tales of confetti on the centre circle?

Really wonderful music this week in the form of the Joy Formidable, Pete & the Pirates, Cold War Kids and show favourites The Walkmen.

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Friday, 21 January 2011

Sorted Saturday

Jan is meant to be a month for holding it down and cutting back but why live by the rules when you can fly by the night'

Super Hoop Rich turned 30 last Sat and its going to take another 30 somethings to top a better d d d day & night'

Met Dan at around midday and chatted about the show - went up and recorded our first West London Derby of 2011 which went pretty smooth and sweetly, a cocktail of crisp commentary.

Popped briefly to the west end after that an got a belt for my double denim look, fixed my bike and went to meet Del for the Gooner game 3-0 to the Arsenal.

4 pints later & onto Callooh Callay for £10 cocktails and £5 beers. The double denim's did wonders for the decor of Shoreditch's suavest venue.

Bedroom bar - a raid of the local news agents and fruit throwing fun ensued after that with the day ending / starting with MOTD Arsenal goals repeat!

Profit all round.

Monday, 17 January 2011

West London Derby Back on Air! 101.4 ONFM

1st show back & the faders were slightly dusty, not sure if the mic was actually up on the first link you’ll have to let me know?

The consummate professional Dan Leven full of objective commentary – the guy emits soccer summary in concise punctual fashion. Pretty good considering Dan and I know sweet FA! About the cup & title ambitions, Liverpool, wages & buy one get one free @ Wigan 1 1 Fulham.

Reflections afterwards were positive with us both hugely ambitious for 2011 – our celebratory lunch was provided by big Ron, not the bigot – but old Mcdonnald himself.

Super Size start to 2011 West London Derby!

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Thursday, 13 January 2011

West London Derby tunes

The West London Derby is back this Saturday with The Preshaah & Daneil Garvey, we've also got Dan Levene in the studio chatting about Chelski.

Bostering the sounds of the show will be some choice indie rock n roll in the form of several delightful songs buzzing round the airwaves right about now!

Here's a little sample

British Sea Power - Whose in Control?

Cold War Kids - Louder than ever

Pete & the Pirates Winter 1

The Joy Formidable - The Greatest Light, the Greatest Shade

The Walkmen - Juveniles

The Joy Formidable Glitzy Ritzy'

Austere Single: 17th Jan (Monday)
Album the big roar: 24th Jan
Gig the Borderline: 29th Jan

Is it possible to be in love with a sound? Yes and its a Joy - Formidable, electric indie inspired' undertones of the yeah yeah Yeah's guitars with delicious vocals.

Poetically exquisite with emotion, build & climax - they are the sound of 2011. Its a sweet success which brings summer feelings in a month of shade.

Glitzy Ritzy talked me through the new record, gremlins @ the wheel and Austere measures for 2011.

Excited about the album launch, eager to hit the road big Roaring & skulking round hoxton to speak to Shoreditch Radio!

This dream is, this dream is, this dream is in a telescope now.

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