Friday, 21 January 2011

Sorted Saturday

Jan is meant to be a month for holding it down and cutting back but why live by the rules when you can fly by the night'

Super Hoop Rich turned 30 last Sat and its going to take another 30 somethings to top a better d d d day & night'

Met Dan at around midday and chatted about the show - went up and recorded our first West London Derby of 2011 which went pretty smooth and sweetly, a cocktail of crisp commentary.

Popped briefly to the west end after that an got a belt for my double denim look, fixed my bike and went to meet Del for the Gooner game 3-0 to the Arsenal.

4 pints later & onto Callooh Callay for £10 cocktails and £5 beers. The double denim's did wonders for the decor of Shoreditch's suavest venue.

Bedroom bar - a raid of the local news agents and fruit throwing fun ensued after that with the day ending / starting with MOTD Arsenal goals repeat!

Profit all round.

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