Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Preshaah Definition

Confusion still arises of the spelling of Preshaah and why its spelt this way?

This is Preshaah:

The New M83 song Reunion out now in all good book shops, was mis qued on Shaun Keavney this morning (he played the intro before his usual bed) and its been in my head all day long.

11:43 and after about 30+ emails we finally got the Yes from Love Drinks to run our first drinks promotion creating an Edge Music G&T which will be on offer at the next Edge Music London Event.

As I read the YES lets GO from Kirsty @ Love drinks what should creep on the radio at exactly the YES point?

And your on the tip of my tongue M83 Reunion!

The rejoice delight and excitement all coupled together by the chance occurrence that this record could come on at the same time makes for an explosion of delight. All the sequences were possible and made happen by moi – I was listening to 6-music / the record is on the playlist / Love Drinks were going to say YES.

All at the same time?

That’s Preshaah


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Blind Pilots

This is quite precarious and danger ground
Feeling like this - comming up an straight down.

A usual constant kind a' seven
The highs go over an above 11.
Then crashing down
3's to the ground.

Nothing picks me up Quite like a buzzing message from you.
Tales of where you've been dancing
Or dining on junk food.

Handing out flyers
Flying high
Skipping around
In the London bright.

Festively sharing fun with you
Over SMS & Twitter too

I've told you loads of what's going on
Uppers and downers as the days tick on.

Your the first one I wanna call
To say lets hang out, lets play ball.
Moving backwards and tracing steps back
To create a friendship after racing the track.

Moving and flying at hurtling speeds
As you plan the Blue Stage to show off next week.

You feel like my best friend right now
Telling you news and what I'm about.
It feels quite easy, blabbing to you
And you back @ me is nice spesh true.

I don't know where we're at, last week when we had that spat.
Didn't mean to make you so mad, maybe my fault perhaps a tad.

I've got plenty of girlfriends, friends who are girls
Getting there with you, seems another world.

Hoxton Live makes me buzz inside
Follow up Friends interview, Babybird in sight.

It all feels great and matters a lot,
But the distraction of you makes me lose the plot.

Partied out on party food, trash tv then lowered the mood.
Then you text the same, Sunday night feeling hugs away.

I've got enough props to keep my side show going
Just wanna be close to you is all I'm knowing.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Edge Music London on Hoxton Live XIII

Edge Music London recorded at Wenlock & Essex broadcast at Electricity Showrooms Friday 13th January 2012.

We were also treated to some delectable blissful pan pipes which was recorded espesh for Hoxton FM.

Edge Music London takes place Thursday 19th January at Wenlock & Essex in Angel.

More information and tickets http://www.edgemusic.co.uk/

Feel Supersonic, give me Gin & Tonic.

Press Play

Download http://www.divshare.com/download/16574919-b2a


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Booking Agent

Pretty much my greatest buzz right now is booking venues and bands for various Hoxton Live antics.

The first of 2012 has just come in and filled me with ecstatic delight – Babybird! Yeah Baby the late 90’s brit pop flirters are back with a new record and tour in 2012.

Heard about their live dates and new studio album ‘The Pleasures of Self Destruction’ last year on 6-Music and the bizarre news that Jonny Depp is one of their biggest fans, has helped fund the band and has also played as part of the ensemble!

Delicious delight and the new single ‘Can’t Love You Anymore’ is fuel force octane emotion & you can catch them live across the UK starting 26th January at the Cardiff Globe.

They’ll be in London 11th of February at the Leicester Square Theatre – Valentines date perhaps?

Speaking to their management today to organise the interview so keep checking Preshaah FM for updates.

Your Gorgeous.



Sunday, 1 January 2012

Bobby White Team GB Handball Captain 2012

Olympic Medal Contender Bobby White joined us on the line on The Olympic Show this week to talk about the war, rolling deep with the MK Massive, pet action and mince pie regimes.

With just Seven months to go till Bobby and the Chaps Rock London you can catch them next Sunday 8th January at Crystal Palace in the return leg of a double header with the Austrian National team.

Andy was also present in some sections of this interview, sorry for the quality.

Press Play .....

Download ..... http://www.divshare.com/download/16494889-461

If you are sport or like it then get in touch and you could be the next Bobby White.