Sunday, 15 January 2012

Blind Pilots

This is quite precarious and danger ground
Feeling like this - comming up an straight down.

A usual constant kind a' seven
The highs go over an above 11.
Then crashing down
3's to the ground.

Nothing picks me up Quite like a buzzing message from you.
Tales of where you've been dancing
Or dining on junk food.

Handing out flyers
Flying high
Skipping around
In the London bright.

Festively sharing fun with you
Over SMS & Twitter too

I've told you loads of what's going on
Uppers and downers as the days tick on.

Your the first one I wanna call
To say lets hang out, lets play ball.
Moving backwards and tracing steps back
To create a friendship after racing the track.

Moving and flying at hurtling speeds
As you plan the Blue Stage to show off next week.

You feel like my best friend right now
Telling you news and what I'm about.
It feels quite easy, blabbing to you
And you back @ me is nice spesh true.

I don't know where we're at, last week when we had that spat.
Didn't mean to make you so mad, maybe my fault perhaps a tad.

I've got plenty of girlfriends, friends who are girls
Getting there with you, seems another world.

Hoxton Live makes me buzz inside
Follow up Friends interview, Babybird in sight.

It all feels great and matters a lot,
But the distraction of you makes me lose the plot.

Partied out on party food, trash tv then lowered the mood.
Then you text the same, Sunday night feeling hugs away.

I've got enough props to keep my side show going
Just wanna be close to you is all I'm knowing.

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