Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Preshaah Definition

Confusion still arises of the spelling of Preshaah and why its spelt this way?

This is Preshaah:

The New M83 song Reunion out now in all good book shops, was mis qued on Shaun Keavney this morning (he played the intro before his usual bed) and its been in my head all day long.

11:43 and after about 30+ emails we finally got the Yes from Love Drinks to run our first drinks promotion creating an Edge Music G&T which will be on offer at the next Edge Music London Event.

As I read the YES lets GO from Kirsty @ Love drinks what should creep on the radio at exactly the YES point?

And your on the tip of my tongue M83 Reunion!

The rejoice delight and excitement all coupled together by the chance occurrence that this record could come on at the same time makes for an explosion of delight. All the sequences were possible and made happen by moi – I was listening to 6-music / the record is on the playlist / Love Drinks were going to say YES.

All at the same time?

That’s Preshaah


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