Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Booking Agent

Pretty much my greatest buzz right now is booking venues and bands for various Hoxton Live antics.

The first of 2012 has just come in and filled me with ecstatic delight – Babybird! Yeah Baby the late 90’s brit pop flirters are back with a new record and tour in 2012.

Heard about their live dates and new studio album ‘The Pleasures of Self Destruction’ last year on 6-Music and the bizarre news that Jonny Depp is one of their biggest fans, has helped fund the band and has also played as part of the ensemble!

Delicious delight and the new single ‘Can’t Love You Anymore’ is fuel force octane emotion & you can catch them live across the UK starting 26th January at the Cardiff Globe.

They’ll be in London 11th of February at the Leicester Square Theatre – Valentines date perhaps?

Speaking to their management today to organise the interview so keep checking Preshaah FM for updates.

Your Gorgeous.



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