Wednesday, 30 June 2010

News Hound

The newest member of the news team was bounding with enthusiasm this morning.

Barking on about the tories and lib doom spending cuts and howling something silly about solar panels in schools?

We were gunner get Marlie on air but she was dogged with pronunciation problems Press Play .....

Monday, 21 June 2010

Highbury High

Went to see my parents for Fathers day & the Footie yesterday, they're beaming after moving into the new pad in the East Stand Highbury!

Beyond wonderous, deliciously finished and furnished, South facing and facing onto the pitch. The balcony is Huge and really private while still being in the open and surrounded by Arsenal.

Bit sad when I think about Christmas and things and the house they'll be selling which I've lived in on and off over the last 11yrs which was my first taste of London.

The grown upness of not being able to go home anymore will be quite strange too. Time to step up I guess' ' ' '

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Daniel Garvey's World Cup Podcast

Daniel Garvey talks us through the jittery group stages which've just taken off this week.

Heavy Critique of England with some objective optimism heading into the game with Slovenia and Big props to the Korean Comrades.

Few little tunes to pick up the beat and kick it into touch.

Press Play .....

Friday, 18 June 2010

Hoxton Highlife

Riding along London's newest Oyster Extension is proving practical and propper fun each time!

£1.30 buys you a raucus ride along and above the bright lights and hidden gems of back street Kingsland road over soo many fine little gardens and roof terraces.

Hoxton stn is actually just behind the Geffrye Museum which looks a bit glum from the front but its gardens and structure Amazing from 30ft abaord the 18:17 to Crystal Palace.

Will Shoreditch be the new Shoreditch? who knows but elevated air conned access from Dalston to Brick lane is just so far removed from low life luddite travel on the 149.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Room with a view

Early rise and shine this weekend 5:15 start!

Certainly helps when the view from the studio is the tide rising to elevate my mood.

I do like to be beside the sea side.

Preshaah FM 10 - England Aftermath

Glum slum.

Got over excited as ever before the match, watched it in the Queen of Hoxton which was alright ish, much like the performance.

Was even more Excited to have ridden the new East London Line to get there! Delish air con, constant carridge and a great peer over the roof tops and sun stops of Shoreditch.

Wacked out a few tunes to pick up the vibe again this morning and move us onwards and upwards to the next!

The Drums, the drums the drums, Underworld, Fleetwood Mac, Pixies

Press Play ....

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Preshaah FM 10

Fever Pitch, all the headlines this morning have been world cup and to be honest that's all that I'm thinking about.

Today'show is looking ahead to England USA tonight with the 2nd best world cup song ever.

Gems from Kylie who I'm lovering at the mo, Kele, Muse, Metric & Fleetwood Mac and the Strokes were represented without even plucking thier bows.


Press Play .....