Monday, 7 January 2013

Fake DIY Show

The nice people at Fake DIY asked me to do them a radio show so here is the first instalment.

It's called Year of the Wolf as 2013 will be the year of the wolf with howling bite and added bark.

We kicked off with sound of 2013 winners Haim and their delish new single 'Don't Save Me' when we went to press the sound of poll hadn't even been announced so its quite nice that my reign at DIY got off to a winning start.

The show goes out on Fridays at 1pm and you can check my page here:

Friday? 1pm? What? We can't wait till then?? You can find me on Hoxton Radio presenting the breakfast show every morning from 8am at

  1. Haim ‘Save Me’
  2. Black Manilla ‘June 95’
  3. We Three & The Death Rattle ‘Split Lips'
  4. Cat Power ‘Manhattun’ 
  5. Moon Duo ‘Free Action’
  6. Summer Camp - I Want You
  7. Duran Duran ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’
  8. Tubeway Army ‘Me I Disconnected From You’
  9. Kate Nash ‘Death Proof’
  10. The Black Keys ‘Sister’
  11. The Joy Formidable ‘This Ladder Is Ours’

Friday, 27 July 2012

Secret Sessions

Gathering plenty a pace and steam now, done the most silly sort of jump type kick dance on numerous occasions over the last few days, it seems all fears are met with warmth, love and understanding and over estimated cost?

That's probably the thing that makes it all seem more and more like we're really real? Played out this tale more times to recount in my head but as many boxes as possible are now ticked and the phone keeps ringing with I'll help, can I help? YES.

We're looking at tabs today, can't decide the order or need for some many or little when a rush of goose bumps kicks in as The Escapist sneakily creeps in on iTunes.

I'll not fear no fear because I'm not really hear, I'm no where near hear. Actually I've been here since 2007 and it feels like its paying off, the sights, scents, scenes are all clicking - all possibilities in each new morning.

Sorry, I'll stop tricking this up with Mikes words. TickTickTickTick.

So the social angle I'm thinking we go anti social, oh don't look at me like that, hear me out #USA phrases.

Lets go and nock for everyone, get them recorded and up and about and let them shout? Physical WOM old fashion style, Beyond Retro chat room of actually having a conversation. We're nailed on across all the channels anyway and but this being audio and most of them being words and pix, to try again would we miss a trick?

It's been quite nice being anti social over the last few weeks anyway, couldn't really tweet in Japan, it was £2 per message on whats app! Spent £15 in as many mins trying to look for Mike's apartment, gave up and got a taxi 2 streets for £10 in the end. ctrl alt delete.

Anyway task for today, see what sort of spirit I can raise from the first recruit ADT and also take these idea's of many tricks to West London and my semi perm hide out for the next two weeks, they actually have a proper station with a frequency? They've also got a studio and a website and a a a a. We've got a  logo and abv of letters of which I still can't decide which to use so get your suggestions in now to the number at the bottom of your screens.

Thanks to all the girls who aren't calling me at the moment or stopping me in the street for a date or picture or whatever, to busy at the moment baby and thanx to Simo whose been absent of late, his early wife AM quizzical questioning would probably leave me trembling a bit and thanx to Mike & Poppy for their hosting special and opening up of my eyes, need to get the snaps up to remember we were even there, the last few weeks have really felt like Space 'Dark Clouds' and thanx to Radio Jackie for all your help already? It's only day 4 proper, and thanx to London, you are looking so pretty in the 28c today #ShoreditchWeather back soon btw + Hoxton Headlines, also thanks to all the footballs and tennis (players and tennis the band B-List-Playlist) and Kraftverk Tour De France starting on Saturday.

And thanks if you've read this, it's embargoed till we Press Play for real, shouldn't be to long //

Hoxton Radio London


Love x

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hoxton Live XXXII Bye

Hoxton Live XXXII By featuring The Shoreditch Poet & DJ Honey recorded live from the glowing basement of the Electricity Showrooms.

They turned the air con up to 11 for us and we turned the music up to green and sometimes orange but never in the red. Tried to write down the tunes as I played but it didn't get off the ground, you'll see a revitalized product when we return don't worry.

Honey had some delightful tales of recording in court rooms and a week of Hoxton parties and the poetry was just the most splendid way to take in the sights, sounds, scents and delights of Shoreditch through written words spoken so wonderfully for you adoring listeners.

We're on vacation for a while now so see you on the other side. Press Play .....


Friday, 18 May 2012

Hoxton Live XXXI Electric

Oh wow thanks beyond a lots, it really was special to share and have ya'll in such fine companies.

Live Musicals from Light Falls Forward - Naomi (my first ever girlfriends name) & Charlie both signed a copy of their EP for me & played us two tunes + keyboard Live #HoxtonLive.

The High Tea Cast Kelli Panda, Sam Sparrow & Lea Ricecakes turned the tone from sour to devilishly devoured with pouts and presence, if you could be offended then you probably was.

Andrew David Thornley was also the surprise guest of honor and what an entrance with one hand in his pocket, and the other waving a taxi cabs.

Full Praise Adoration and Inspiration across this British Isles Nation comes from Friends who changed my week, head and life thus we played FOUR new songs from their new record Manifest! Which Hoxton FM has and you don't so tune in for:

A Light
Van Fan Gor Du

@Afriendszone actually tweeted after the show asking weather I'd played 'unreleased album tracks' got a little bit scared but the lush love was shared by the record label so we're all goods.

Press Play ........

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Friends - Manifest

With the taste of love hearts and the aroma of the sweetest smile - Friends debut Manifest' will create the most divine magical tickling kiss your audio device will hear in 2012.

The record is delicately propped by the singles Friend Crush and Mind Control at either end to leave you moved by the adorable 2. Sorry 5. A Light 11. Van Fan Gor Du with I'm His Girl sneaking in mid way to fill your face with a fiver.

All the gorgeous energy of the live show's is pressed splendidly and produced in majestic fashion so you can hear the rattle hum drums and instrument changes between songs, while still sounding box fresh.

The journey feels joyous from I'm His Girl at the end of the summer Manifesting into this huge bakers dozen, 38 minute  humid cloud bursting unable-to-sit-without-vibing mastered piece.

Sam's vocals sweetly creating masterful melodies above bouncing heavy bass and buoyant percussion  makes for the perfect cocktail of late night Hoxton or mid afternoon London Fields Sexual Delight.

Friends - Manifest released 4th of June through Lucky Numbers Records


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Back Room

Fake DIY Style we assembled this little classic rock ensemble entitle The Back Room.

With the delicious sounds of Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, The Cindy Lauper its a real wholesome end to a Driving CD style Disc 2.

Also flung in a few modern classical sounds from Sleeper and Lykki Li.

The Back Room press play ........

The Olympic Show

The Olympic Show from Riverside Studios 7th April 2012