Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Friends - Manifest

With the taste of love hearts and the aroma of the sweetest smile - Friends debut Manifest' will create the most divine magical tickling kiss your audio device will hear in 2012.

The record is delicately propped by the singles Friend Crush and Mind Control at either end to leave you moved by the adorable 2. Sorry 5. A Light 11. Van Fan Gor Du with I'm His Girl sneaking in mid way to fill your face with a fiver.

All the gorgeous energy of the live show's is pressed splendidly and produced in majestic fashion so you can hear the rattle hum drums and instrument changes between songs, while still sounding box fresh.

The journey feels joyous from I'm His Girl at the end of the summer Manifesting into this huge bakers dozen, 38 minute  humid cloud bursting unable-to-sit-without-vibing mastered piece.

Sam's vocals sweetly creating masterful melodies above bouncing heavy bass and buoyant percussion  makes for the perfect cocktail of late night Hoxton or mid afternoon London Fields Sexual Delight.

Friends - Manifest released 4th of June through Lucky Numbers Records


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