Friday, 18 May 2012

Hoxton Live XXXI Electric

Oh wow thanks beyond a lots, it really was special to share and have ya'll in such fine companies.

Live Musicals from Light Falls Forward - Naomi (my first ever girlfriends name) & Charlie both signed a copy of their EP for me & played us two tunes + keyboard Live #HoxtonLive.

The High Tea Cast Kelli Panda, Sam Sparrow & Lea Ricecakes turned the tone from sour to devilishly devoured with pouts and presence, if you could be offended then you probably was.

Andrew David Thornley was also the surprise guest of honor and what an entrance with one hand in his pocket, and the other waving a taxi cabs.

Full Praise Adoration and Inspiration across this British Isles Nation comes from Friends who changed my week, head and life thus we played FOUR new songs from their new record Manifest! Which Hoxton FM has and you don't so tune in for:

A Light
Van Fan Gor Du

@Afriendszone actually tweeted after the show asking weather I'd played 'unreleased album tracks' got a little bit scared but the lush love was shared by the record label so we're all goods.

Press Play ........

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