Friday, 29 July 2011

Essex / Cambridgeshire / Northamptonshire / Essex

Adventure Radio own 4 radio stations.

They are in Essex / Cambridgeshire / Northamptonshire / Essex

You can hear me reading the news across all 4 today time.

These are just a few of the tales you may hear if you tune in over the coming days.

It are fun / reading / writing /

Southend's parks are among the cleanest in Britain.

Four parks including Chalkwell Park, Belfairs Park and Nature Reserve, Priory Park and Southchurch have all retained their 'Green Flag' status.

The accolades - handed out by Keep Britain Tidy are for clean, sustainable graffiti free welcoming spaces.

Rubbish collection in Essex has gone from Green to Pink!

Recycled waste in Basildon is now placed in Pink sacks and will be collected once a week from today.

Northamptonshire NHS has teamed up with Milton Keynes and will be holding their first board meeting as a PCT cluster.

The Primary Care Trust cluster - groups together NHS services to provide more efficent health care services.

A distinctive bike has been stolen from a garden in Essex.

The bike is a grey Flow Drift customised and was teken from a property in Westcliff last Sunday.

The bike has an estimated value of £750.

Essex police are appealing for witnesses to an altercation in Southend between an 11 year old boy and a man.

The incident occurred on Tuesday on Sutton Road opposite Gilroys Shop.

£2,700 worth of Items have been stolen from Southend Airport during recent expansion works.

Tools, equipment and safety clothing are among the items missing.

Thieves entered the site on Wednesday 13th of July in the evening time.

£450 worth of damage has been caused to a memorial bench in Essex.

The bench, by the first hole at Garon Park golf club, Southend, had its arms smashed off and frame broken.

The bench was funded by the friends and family of a man who died in May 2010, now needs replacing.

Shoreditch Radio Show 28 - Return to New York

Press Play


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I ain't missing you at all.

I chose to forget,
Or pretend to remember?
Born in November,
Coming home in September?

Just truly festive,
Handsome polite and full of Jestiv’

Frowns, slight winks,
Up for 100
& beyond high jinks.

Back when it started
In 20-01
Did we predict
So much fun?

Skulking, shirking
Late at night.
Crawling round the floor
In the moon light.

Shooting up anyone
With our pistol gun.
Shouting Bila Hoti
To the radio songs.

I tremble to think
What we’ll achieve now,
Brink back the dollar,
Forget the Dow.

Jones or Churches?
Underworld Brogues.
Dancing @ Christmas?
To our favourite Pogues!

I Fuxking miss you man,
You need to know.
In front of them all
I’m your biggest fan at the show.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

To Amy

A little music festive taking place in the pretty Clissold Park.

Left my grands and just wanted to be out a bit. Doing my special stage to Hammersmith then to Hornsey left me pretty fatigued, can't imagine what the Schleck brothers must be feeling.

The sky is just the most amazing beauty shade of pink tonight and feels somehow mystical and emotive?

Its you for sure, as a liccle BBQ smokes in the distance I can feel you smiling at us all.

They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no no no.

I died a hundred times, as Dermot played that out I just filled up but sitting with my gran at her kitchen table I couldn't just flood up and be all indulgent. Under this delicious vanilla sky, its somehow fine now.

My good friend Bianca and I used to go out every weekend and paint Upper Street a deeper shade of red and her rendition of Rehab really made me well as I text her your news.

Never the highest fan of your sound, Jazzy horns aren't really my gig but I appreciate your music and the Daily Mail divide you split in people.

To see my gran so shocked made my eyes go wide at what huge news today was.

The Jazz funkster is drawing to a close now as I blow away my camel into the cool air and the crowd applaud - he said "I guess all good things come to an end"

Did he see my tears as the crowd cheers? He felt it either way and for you in the sky its been a wayward day.

Up there now,
Shining so bright,
I hope in the heavens,
You live just as fast life.


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shoreditch Radio Show 27 - Farewell to the Fairground

Show 27 – Farewell to the fairground
Broadcast Friday 22nd July 12:00

My inspiration and motivation throughout this year has come from one special person.

This show is dedicated to them along with pretty much every other Killing Moon before and loads moving forward.

The elongated posts you might see on this page were inspired and the twisted poetry all comes from one delicious source.

Farewell to the Fairground, these rides aren't working anymore.

I thought you were special, I thought you should know, this is the sound - of a dedicated show.

To my Epic wife, in a future life

Press Play ......


1. Wombats – Moving to New York
2. The Young Knives – Rumour Mill
3. Joy Formidable – Greatest Light / Greatest Shade
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Hysteric
5. Anna Calvi – Desire
6. The Strokes – two kinds of happiness
7. The Streets – Puzzled by People
8. INXS – Strangest Party
9. CSS – Hits me like a Rock
10. Friendly Fires – Blue Cassette.
11. Jackie Wilson - You love keeps lifting me (Higher & Higher)

London Beach Volley Ball

From Sky News Radio:

A corner of central London near Buckingham Palace is being transformed into a beach volleyball arena for the 2012 Olympics this morning.

Nearly three-thousand tonnes of sand will be delivered to Horse Guards Parade ahead of an Olympic test event next month.

It'll be shipped in on 120 trucks.

The site is the traditional home of the Trooping the Colour ceremony.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Show Must Go On

Lagers, misbehaviour and excess should help me though.

And any converse with you.

+ the production of a few of these Heavy Hitters.

Tuesday 19th July

6.00pm – The Killing Moon

6.30pm – The Danny Steele Show / Sureditch Stars

7.30pm – Conchitas Cabaret

8.15pm – Fleur De Lys/Eleanor Conway’s Social Network

9.00pm – Groin Exchange Wednesday 20th July

6.00pm – My band’s better than your band

6.45pm – Dance Dance Dance to the Radio

7.30pm – The Vic Hollup Show

8.15pm – Art Kitchen

9.00pm – ***Vacancy***

Thursday 21st July

6.00pm – Dalston's Diamond Lights

6.45pm – ***Vacancy***

7.30pm – Invisible Jukebox

8.30pm – ***Vacancy***

9.15pm – ***Vacancy***

Speechless .

Fact of fiction a ridiculous addiction.
Saw her shine and made her my shrine
Made up an ego an image too
With pics and vocal t’was easy to do.

In everyway she made my day
Pushed me on and stayed to play.

With each step forward I’d think of her
Dressed in all kinds with pics of bluured.

Suppose it was destine
To fall into the sand
And on the floor
My head in my hands.

Stupidly made up
And pretend true
Fictional relationship
Me wanting you.

Everything I’ve done
Its been with new desired belief
That I could create my own character
To make you to want me.

So I’ve got my own show
Two in fact
And I lost about a stone
And aspire a 6 pack.

Wring for Sky is pretty fly
And competition give away’s
Are the tip of the high.

Vocab, fashion, extend blog posts
Poems of writings
You think it’s a joke?

I cant remember before
What I did to fill the time
But thinking about you
Is all daytime high.

Sixty minutes of fame, building up from moths of insane
Ridiculous courting, *shakes head in shame*
I don’t think I’ve ever tried, or wanted as much
Something someone, with soft skin to touch.

What do I do now, say farewell take a bow
Unfollow asa and find solace somehow?

Nothing said between us, but you weren’t that keen
Couldn’t drag my eyes away as I saw your message on the screen.

The post gig is probably dead
And writing more lines wont get you closer to my bed
Do I actually give up after all this time?
Cant read this again, or I’ll probably cry.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

After All

And after all this time,
Who'd have thought I'd meet you here?

I held you,
I can remember that.
But over calling
You've disappeared back.

Sixteen Seven Twenty Eleven
The clouds part and I'm in heaven.

Bless you
A tissue
a re tweet
an issue.

Of every paper
Your on today
Bethnal Green
I'm on my way!

lucid & under pressure
My performance is best
I'll never surrender.

What are you like?
What am I like?
Heavy rain
Meant no bike.

See you shortly
Sweetness true
Can't wait to meet you!


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shoreditch Radio - Show 26 'Hits me like a Rock'

Its so Loaded it'll shoot speed kill light and cause a big fright.

Look Stranger in session - they had a fun time chat and played live for you Shoreditch.

This weeks A-list playlist seminal track comes in the form of Bon Jovi. Such an honor to play this tune for you all.

Massive shouts and thanks to some Huge PR companies really making the world spin right now - Bang On PR for the Lovebox Creds and Manifest Comms - Agency of the yr!

When going to press I didn't realise how much rock hitting like it did, if you are a special person then I would espeshially Love you to listen and its beyond a delight to play these sounds to you on Shoreditch Radio.

Press Play .....


1. Chemical Brothers – Another World
2. Coldplay – Shiver
3. CSS – Hits me like a Rock
4. The Kills – Baby Says
5. Friendly Fires – Helpless
6. Look Stranger – Interview / Song
7. New Order – Temptation
8. Bon Jovi – In these Arms
9. Stranglers – Golden Brown
10. Drums – I'll never drop my sword
11. Lykki Li – I follow rivers

Broadcast Schedule for this wild W/C 11/7

Tuesday1000 – Dance Dance Dance to the Radio
1200 – Blue Rinse
1300 – Invisible Jukebox
1400 – The Danny Steele Show
1500 – Favourite Forgotten

1000 – The Rare Groove Show
1200 – Scotch on the Socks
1300 – Conchitas Cabaret
1400 – Eleanor Conway’s Social Network
1500 – Stylizers

1000 – The Breakfast Club
1200 – Benson and Proudfoot
1300 – Sure Ditch Stars
1400 – Patrick Monahan
1500 – Bones Corp

1000 – My Band’s Better Than Your Band
1200 – The Killing Moon
1300 – Kiss My Teeth
1400 – Daston’s Diamond Lights
1500 – The Anoraks

Monday, 11 July 2011

Preshaah Production / take 2

Produced dem shows last week, was fun, tired, Z @ times, + a band - Look Stranger.

Fun / Tire.

Tomorrow I plan on Drinks - Redstripe x 6? Not letting Del touch any of the mic's either.

Hi your from X show - come this way - Go - press play - fin.

Hopefully all on times / drunks / out and into the Shoreditch Sunset! (it gets dark bout 21:30ish so we can bask in the London Fields low light.

Don't tell your Instagran how to make tea.

6.00pm – The Killing Moon/The Rare Groove Show (6.30)

6.45pm – Scotch on the Socks – tweeted.

7.30pm – Melting Pot(7.15)/Sure Ditch Stars

8.15pm – Benson & Proudfoot

9.00pm – The Anoraks

Saturday, 9 July 2011

West London Derby 9/7/11

Show me the Sports.

We talked Soccer Stats Guests Facts.

As the Tour De France was in town we touched that as well as some #F1 talk.

Andy asks the listener: whose phone would you like to hack?
Also silly place names: Orpington, Shepperton and on the Twitter: Cockfosters.

Press play ....

West London Derby 11/6/11

Word Press

Hour one, oh what fun Sam Macbride and Pat Collins rocking the West London Derby this week.

Sounding marvellous on their radio d├ębuts, esteemed, composed and collected, all the things I lack in my broadcasting game - they have.

101.4 ONFM other radio stations are available.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Shuffle Friday

Friday is #shufflefriday – I let the ipod do the talking and its fun of surprises.

Already listened to this weeks show so pushed the wheel to the max and #shufflefriday begun.

2 x Loose Cannons tunes? A sign and a calling as they are playing Hoxton Pony tomorrow night.

The View – Wasted Little DJ’s was a seminal sound from 2006 when Hayley and I worked for the XFM street team – its her birthday today!

The Does it offend you Yeah? Tune sounded great and the Doves live was quite nice too – close your, brown eyes & lay down next to me.

#shufflefriday press play ……

1. Loose Cannons – La La La
2. Pretenders – My Baby
3. PJ Harvey – Pocket Knife
4. Elvis Costello – High Fidelity
5. Loose Cannons - Out 4 the night
6. While lies – (skipped it)
7. Fabric Live 41. Erotic Discourse
8. The View – Wasted little DJ’s
9. Doves – there goes the fear (live)
10. Being bad feels so good – Does it offend you yeah?
11. Tesla Girls – OMD
12. Mansun - Wide open space

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Shoreditch Radio Show 25 - 80's Special

To celebrate the silver surroundings of the Killing Moon at Shoreditch Radio we thought spinning sounds from where we came all from around?

25 is a special number, its 5x5 and all alive? Inside its pentagon slide, pushed towards backwards its still divisible by five.

Was really fun to put together, with date checks and pure facts about all songs I think you will like some / few / none of the tunes.

Its been special to have broadcast to you a quater of a hundred times and comes before the post arrives but after its been posted?

Press Play .....


1. Cars & Girls – Prefab Sprout
2. Jefferson Airplane – We built this city
3. Tiffany – I think we’re alone now
4. Talking heads – once in a lifetime.
5. Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a place on Earth
6. Van Halen – Jump
7. Madonna – Lucky Star
8. Phil Collins – Invisible Touch
9. Joy Division – Isolation
10. Europe – the Final Countdown
11. Grandstand Theme tune

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bobby White - GB Hanball Captain - Gooner Great!

From Arsenal

Hi Bobby

Frazer at Snowdon Sports provided your details – he may have filled you in on a feature I’d like to run.

I’m looking for Arsenal supporters who are good candidates to be competing at the Olympics next summer. The idea is that come the Games, Gunners’ supporters will have 30 fellow fans to look out for. I’m building an eclectic mix of athletes, sailors, fencers, swimmers, basketball players etc – you’re our first form the world of handball!

It’s pretty simple stuff – ten minute chat and a few pictures.

The feature will appear in the matchday programme and also I’m sure find its way online at some point. I was wondering if you’d be available to come down to the stadium in the week beginning Monday, July 18 so I can show you around and we can take a few pictures.

If that’s not convenient, perhaps we would do the feature over the phone in the next
few weeks.

Hope you can help.

Kind regards

Andy Exley
Publications Manager
Arsenal FC

So far away

You used to be so far away, now I can almost touch?
A figment of imagination,
A dream, emotion,
tuned in station.

Sat in my flat one Saturday night.
As the Friendly Fires delivered their lines:
Helpless, Helpless, so Helpless to you.
The lines cut deep, & rang out so true.

Teasing, frustrating, tempting and pain
I barely know anything, except for your name?

Sat on my hands for far to long,
So after Glasto I'd try a new song.

But overnight it happened?
With a natural sweet tang'
Tears in my eyes

DM +1
An another for fun.

Reading into, and between lines
Bought me to my knees on the last night.

A week of mourning
Cold but scorning

Missing you beyond
Cam I’m so fond.

Threw out a line,
To my holiday shrine
And a reply so nice
Felt tears inside.

Tracking the chain
Of message from Spain
Is out of this world
My tan line girl.

Dreamed of you returning, returning to me.
And without even a meeting, I’ll need more to win she.
Keeping you, meeting you, eating you, sleeping you.
Inspired, desired, admired & Fired!

Future starts slow, of that we all know.
4th of July the day went so high
& proud line from you?
We’ve gone to new Sky.

Award winner
#youngblood sinner
Sushi for dinner?
And then we beginner.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Chock n roll

Show 25 - Radio News

Danny Wallace
Danny Wallace is joining Xfm London to present the breakfast show from next month.
Danny has previously done work for stations Radio 2, 6 Music and Absolute Radio – and had a spell on Xfm’s weekend line-up in 2008.

Danny also does TV work and is an author and journalist. His book ‘Yes Man’ was adapted for the big-screen starring Jim Carrey, whilst the screen-play adaption for ‘Friends Like These’ is currently underway.

He’ll take on the 6.30-10am slot on Xfm London from 1st August. He takes over from previous breakfast presenter Dave Berry, who moved to Global Radio’s sister station Capital FM earlier this year.

Danny says: “I’ve been a fan of Xfm for as long as it’s been going and to get the Breakfast Show gig is a dream come true. Its listeners are smart and funny, its music cutting edge, and its logo light green – the three most important elements of successful breakfast broadcasting.
I can’t overstate how keen I am and how hard I will work to make the show the best it can be. I can’t wait.”

Xfm’s Programme Director Andy Ashton told us: “We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Danny Wallace to the Xfm Breakfast Show. Danny’s intelligence, humour and passion for music make him the perfect match for our audience. His achievements so far are incredible and we can’t wait to build on that with the launch of the brand-new show.”

Global Radio
Global Radio has requested to change the formats of Capital FM Scotland and Capital FM Birmingham.

Both stations still carry music obligations from previous owners, something which Global is keen to remove to enable all stations using the Capital FM brand to have similar formats.

Previously, Capital FM Scotland has been known as Xfm, Galaxy and originally Beat 106 and inherits parts of its format from these brands. In Birmingham, the station was originally licensed for listeners of Afro-Caribbean origin and still has reggae, RnB and hip hop music requirements.

These proposed changes would align the music output of Capital FM Scotland and Birmingham with other Capital FM services elsewhere in the UK, although they would still be required to broadcast locally-made programmes for at least seven hours each weekday daytime (including breakfast) and four hours on each of Saturday and Sunday.

Rinse FM
London community radio station Rinse FM has been found in breach of the Ofcom code for repeatedly broadcasting songs featuring the F-word.

The station – which targets 15 to 24 year olds with an interest in urban music – hadn’t apologised on air following a ten-minute period that included five uses of the expletive.

A listener, parent to a 12 year old boy, complained to Ofcom about the prevalence of offensive language in songs broadcast by the station, giving the afternoon of 30 March 2011 as an example when her son had been listening.

Show 25 - Local Stories

Show 25 – 80's special – local stories .

Amid the controversy over Sainsbury’s ambitions to open a new superstore in Stoke Newington, another High Street giant, Asda, has announced plans to open a new store in nearby Stamford Hill.

The American owned supermarket chain announced its ‘exciting plans’ to open a new store in place of the existing Netto store on Stamford. It is one of the 147 former Netto stores being turned into new look Asda supermarkets.

Meanwhile, there is ongoing opposition about Sainsbury’s plans to open another store in Stoke Newington. Critics said there is ‘overwhelming’ response to the proposal
Tower Hamlets has the second fastest growing population out of local authorities in the country, as statistics show the nation is struggling to cope with the most rapid increase in nearly half a century.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics showed a dramatic rise in the population of London in just 12 months, reaching a new figure of 7.8m. Tower Hamlets, which currently has 238,000 residents, has the second highest increase, expanding 18 percent in a decade.

The sunshine came out for the London taxidrivers’ annual outing to the seaside for hundreds of underprivileged kids.

A convoy of 100 taxis packed with youngsters headed off from Victoria Park in East London for a day out at Southend-on-Sea this-morning.

They were arriving on the seafront for lunch at Southend’s Cliffs Pavilion, then scooped down to Adventure Island for an afternoon of fun and games before returning to the pavilion for a tea and disco.

The kids are due to start back for Lond0n in the taxi convoy around 6pm, no doubt thoroughly exhausted by the day, all courtesy of the London Taxidrivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Preshaah Production

Stepping into the studio tomorrow to record the Killing Moon - show 25! Its going to be an 80's spesh. We've also got Look Stranger in session which should be rather jolly.

I are also embarking on the first of my production persona activities laying hand to 5 other shows.

Goodness knows why I'll be commenting on thier output, have you heard the previous 24 shows?

Looking forward to listening and liasing with our lovely talents and hopefully, sneakily putting my name to their wonderous shows!

I'd like to not drink at all this week, we'll see how they sound.

6.00pm – The Killing Moon
6.45pm – The Danny Steele Show
7.30pm – Conchitas Cabaret
8.15pm – Fleur De Lys/Eleanor Conway’s Social Network
9.00pm – Groin Exchange

Saturday, 2 July 2011

WLD 2-7-2011

West London Derby for this sulky Saturday.

Jon Sims on the line helping me out as I flew solo through the going's on in West London.

Andy Murray also dropped by via Sky News.

We had wonderous sounds from

T-Rex - London Boys
The Clash - London Calling
Kate Nash - Birds (faded with just seconds to spare, inspired by Cam)
Friendly Fires - Jump in the Pool
Anna Calvi - Desire
Queen - Friends will be friends
Madonna - Justify my love
The Kills - Baby Says.

Press play ....


By the Sea

Covering news @ Southend & Chelmsford Radio this morning, we also do Connect FM in Northampton & Peterborough.

The dream really started for me here around a year ago an it evokes many special memoires.

4:45 start is soon forgotten when you peer out the studio window at the Sea!

Its rather busy though, 3 bulletins per hour & plenty of writing. Here are a few I've blurred out thus far:

P Police Forum
Cambridgeshire police are looking at how they respond to calls from the public, as part of their ongoing 'Have your say' forum launch.

The scheme is designed to give people the chance to shape the future of policing in the county.

Each week a new topic is posted on the force's website for comments and questions and is viewable for the next three months.

SX Dartford Crossing
The Highways Agency has begun a six month month trail aimed at cutting conjestion at the Dartford Crossing.

Part of the plans include suspending charges, to help traffic flow more freely during emergencies.

A consultation has also been launched into rises in fares which are set to go from £1.50 to £2.00 for cars later this year.

SX Drink Drive
Essex police's summer anti-drink drive campaign found 110 motorists to be over the limit at the wheel.

This is down from 129 last year and represents a 15% drop in drivers testing positive.

Throughout June just under 3,000 motorists were tested as officers stepped up checks across the county.

Of those found to be over the limit 79% were men and 21% women.

SX Drink Drive RW
Drink drive numbers in Essex have fallen by almost 15% compared to the same period last year.

Throughout June officers tested almost 3,000 motorists with 110 found to be over the limit.

Of those found to be over the limit 79% were men and 21% women.