Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Show Must Go On

Lagers, misbehaviour and excess should help me though.

And any converse with you.

+ the production of a few of these Heavy Hitters.

Tuesday 19th July

6.00pm – The Killing Moon

6.30pm – The Danny Steele Show / Sureditch Stars

7.30pm – Conchitas Cabaret

8.15pm – Fleur De Lys/Eleanor Conway’s Social Network

9.00pm – Groin Exchange Wednesday 20th July

6.00pm – My band’s better than your band

6.45pm – Dance Dance Dance to the Radio

7.30pm – The Vic Hollup Show

8.15pm – Art Kitchen

9.00pm – ***Vacancy***

Thursday 21st July

6.00pm – Dalston's Diamond Lights

6.45pm – ***Vacancy***

7.30pm – Invisible Jukebox

8.30pm – ***Vacancy***

9.15pm – ***Vacancy***

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