Wednesday, 6 July 2011

So far away

You used to be so far away, now I can almost touch?
A figment of imagination,
A dream, emotion,
tuned in station.

Sat in my flat one Saturday night.
As the Friendly Fires delivered their lines:
Helpless, Helpless, so Helpless to you.
The lines cut deep, & rang out so true.

Teasing, frustrating, tempting and pain
I barely know anything, except for your name?

Sat on my hands for far to long,
So after Glasto I'd try a new song.

But overnight it happened?
With a natural sweet tang'
Tears in my eyes

DM +1
An another for fun.

Reading into, and between lines
Bought me to my knees on the last night.

A week of mourning
Cold but scorning

Missing you beyond
Cam I’m so fond.

Threw out a line,
To my holiday shrine
And a reply so nice
Felt tears inside.

Tracking the chain
Of message from Spain
Is out of this world
My tan line girl.

Dreamed of you returning, returning to me.
And without even a meeting, I’ll need more to win she.
Keeping you, meeting you, eating you, sleeping you.
Inspired, desired, admired & Fired!

Future starts slow, of that we all know.
4th of July the day went so high
& proud line from you?
We’ve gone to new Sky.

Award winner
#youngblood sinner
Sushi for dinner?
And then we beginner.

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