Monday, 11 July 2011

Preshaah Production / take 2

Produced dem shows last week, was fun, tired, Z @ times, + a band - Look Stranger.

Fun / Tire.

Tomorrow I plan on Drinks - Redstripe x 6? Not letting Del touch any of the mic's either.

Hi your from X show - come this way - Go - press play - fin.

Hopefully all on times / drunks / out and into the Shoreditch Sunset! (it gets dark bout 21:30ish so we can bask in the London Fields low light.

Don't tell your Instagran how to make tea.

6.00pm – The Killing Moon/The Rare Groove Show (6.30)

6.45pm – Scotch on the Socks – tweeted.

7.30pm – Melting Pot(7.15)/Sure Ditch Stars

8.15pm – Benson & Proudfoot

9.00pm – The Anoraks

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