Saturday, 2 July 2011

By the Sea

Covering news @ Southend & Chelmsford Radio this morning, we also do Connect FM in Northampton & Peterborough.

The dream really started for me here around a year ago an it evokes many special memoires.

4:45 start is soon forgotten when you peer out the studio window at the Sea!

Its rather busy though, 3 bulletins per hour & plenty of writing. Here are a few I've blurred out thus far:

P Police Forum
Cambridgeshire police are looking at how they respond to calls from the public, as part of their ongoing 'Have your say' forum launch.

The scheme is designed to give people the chance to shape the future of policing in the county.

Each week a new topic is posted on the force's website for comments and questions and is viewable for the next three months.

SX Dartford Crossing
The Highways Agency has begun a six month month trail aimed at cutting conjestion at the Dartford Crossing.

Part of the plans include suspending charges, to help traffic flow more freely during emergencies.

A consultation has also been launched into rises in fares which are set to go from £1.50 to £2.00 for cars later this year.

SX Drink Drive
Essex police's summer anti-drink drive campaign found 110 motorists to be over the limit at the wheel.

This is down from 129 last year and represents a 15% drop in drivers testing positive.

Throughout June just under 3,000 motorists were tested as officers stepped up checks across the county.

Of those found to be over the limit 79% were men and 21% women.

SX Drink Drive RW
Drink drive numbers in Essex have fallen by almost 15% compared to the same period last year.

Throughout June officers tested almost 3,000 motorists with 110 found to be over the limit.

Of those found to be over the limit 79% were men and 21% women.

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