Monday, 4 July 2011

Preshaah Production

Stepping into the studio tomorrow to record the Killing Moon - show 25! Its going to be an 80's spesh. We've also got Look Stranger in session which should be rather jolly.

I are also embarking on the first of my production persona activities laying hand to 5 other shows.

Goodness knows why I'll be commenting on thier output, have you heard the previous 24 shows?

Looking forward to listening and liasing with our lovely talents and hopefully, sneakily putting my name to their wonderous shows!

I'd like to not drink at all this week, we'll see how they sound.

6.00pm – The Killing Moon
6.45pm – The Danny Steele Show
7.30pm – Conchitas Cabaret
8.15pm – Fleur De Lys/Eleanor Conway’s Social Network
9.00pm – Groin Exchange

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