Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bobby White - GB Hanball Captain - Gooner Great!

From Arsenal

Hi Bobby

Frazer at Snowdon Sports provided your details – he may have filled you in on a feature I’d like to run.

I’m looking for Arsenal supporters who are good candidates to be competing at the Olympics next summer. The idea is that come the Games, Gunners’ supporters will have 30 fellow fans to look out for. I’m building an eclectic mix of athletes, sailors, fencers, swimmers, basketball players etc – you’re our first form the world of handball!

It’s pretty simple stuff – ten minute chat and a few pictures.

The feature will appear in the matchday programme and also I’m sure find its way online at some point. I was wondering if you’d be available to come down to the stadium in the week beginning Monday, July 18 so I can show you around and we can take a few pictures.

If that’s not convenient, perhaps we would do the feature over the phone in the next
few weeks.

Hope you can help.

Kind regards

Andy Exley
Publications Manager
Arsenal FC

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