Monday, 26 September 2011

The Ministry of Mong

Three hours of soothing sounds to wind down too.

It's my aim and desire for you to fall asleep to this show, I'd be delighted in fact.

The Ministry of Mong is the ideal way to sedate yourself without prescribed medication.

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Hour 1


Hour 2


Hour 3


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Show 35 The Remix

Broadcast Shoreditch Radio Friday 16/9/11 12:00

And here right now for you right now.

Welcome to the dance floor where you are aloud to bust shapes like pattern cutters warehouse.

SMS exchanges, beats per minute, leaves on the high, this show has it all and audio commentary throughout.

We will take you on a dance remix adventure exploring sweet sounds to tickle those movement muscles.

Party now / party later and party beyond / Press Play ........


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Show 34 Make the Dance Floor

Broadcast Shoreditch Radio Follow Friday 9/9/11 12:00

Hello and welcome to the Killing Moon we've come for your funk steps.

Inspired by the sounds and sights of a London Town still clinging onto Summer Brightness while braving through whipping winds and brass instruments.

80's sounds as always around with new single action from the Friendly Fires and The Kills.

Prizes to be won - a Signed prize to be won of - the Lead Singer from My Chemical Romance! Oh yes signed sealed and delivered to one lucky listener.

Press play to hear the new instrumental sounds of this week in picture soundness ......

Download and enjoy again again again again again ......

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Reading / Washing / Sugar Box / Cars

Went Reading with John Simms Jim's last morrow - that's last Saturday for the elk's @ the back.

Cribs, Libertines, Arcade Fire! Gap Shite Anthems - 2010 was pretty fuxking erect with girth and vigour, 2011 on paper was rather limp?

Pigeon Detectives for starters - forgot how many sounds they had catchy back in the happy shine sort of Zero 7 time. Chucking mic stands, crowd surf and coercing - the front man really flung their feeling onto the bleary 12:51 crowd & we was delighted.

Line up snapped up and on the crowds sung - John Simms Jim's kind of twisted the plot this year I was to busy with my ego to notice - our weekend retreat had turned into Old Boys +1.

Was all right I'm pretty sociable at times and at other times just @ this and that, this and that was where they the old boy's was at. 1 of these fellows was wearing the most modest of attire and another one wet themselves? It was fun, very fun but from many steps back.

16:00 kicked off and I couldn't wait to get the flip off the pitch and into the Kills who did Kill it. Mostly new record stuff but that's pretty good and just this most magical version of the tear heartsome Baby Says.

Baby Say's she's dying to meet you, #uhhhhhh

They finished with Alison Clutching the mic in adoring silent applause for the crowd, famished flat out foxline and fancy, her silence and heavy breathing was so erotic for still light out British Summer Time.

Steve arrived and a bit of decorum was restored, they found the lost boys along with the right side of the festival in very fruitful fashion. Pulp were beyond goodness, 108% out of a solid 100. This is hardcore, F.E.E.L.I.N.G C.A.L.L.E.D L.O.V.E the dertiest I Spy Jarvis with impecible stage moves and song lines sublime. They are Fuxking Hardcore - Headlining the Leeds leg following night and really perhaps the top of their shop right now?


Time in between for a quick retreat and then back in for the main event, the showdown, the curtain crawler, the birth parents of the New Rock n Roll Revolution 10 years almost to the day - Stroke.

They changed music, they took indie and made it fucking guitar real with soul, cool, edge, substance, sex, sunglasses. Angles is really good, if you listen to it on shuffle, let the songs decide how they want to be heard and enjoy the start to most of them & perhaps find something else to do towards the end.

Two kinds of happiness - Stroke proceeded then joined by Pulp? Yeah what a mix, what a fucking mix and then thier song choice? Take a seat please - Cars Just What I Needed!!!!

We found our own after party round a campfire, Lost Boy's went silent disco but that was never gunner be loud enough for Grimmit and I. We strode through the campsite for the best looking collective and found ourselves some chairs. Best Band was Stroke Pulp with the cars cover, the best song was American Pie by first I then Grimmit + our campfire crew.

And that's it, its the end of the review / post - get your ticket for 2012 it'll be larger then you could expect and its just nuff nonsense free Awesome Arcadia Fire Fun.

Watch the Stroke / Pulp cover under darkness alight here

Reading / Washing .

Friday, 2 September 2011

Dead Air

Another rousing speech,
I can hear the slow clap as the congregation leave the band stand.

This then this and other tangent plus more ideas and no real end solution,
Hi keep smiling, the cracked make up is it still your shade?
Shading away and fading and procrastinating
Making a mockery of the whole sound out station.

I’m not the only one whose lost their patience.

The end is in sight
This squalid ruined shite
Its ground and pathetic
Night after night.

Forgo another and trundle on
Excuse after excuse as we all plan our songs.
Guest and favours and rock n roll lime lights
Weren’t you on tomorrow? Same fucking plight.

I’ve walked away already
My heads gone
Planning the next one
Is a solemn carry on.

The spark is still hear
But I’m bitter and fear
To carry on in this reverse
Is the wrong fucking gear.

Every single Monday we wipe the slate clean
Give the losers the second chance and pathetically fear.
Losing what little respect already gone
Signal is not working, sorry it was timed all wrong.

Make It Happen
Its up to you
Stepping out for the sunlight
Commanding right through.

With a leap of faith you can always jump back
But unless you put a foot in the semi direction
Then your never going to spur on any emotion.
An that’s whats now void from this shame of a shambles.

The Killing Moon Show 33

Broadcast Friday 2 September 12:00 Shoreditch Radio

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