Friday, 2 September 2011

Dead Air

Another rousing speech,
I can hear the slow clap as the congregation leave the band stand.

This then this and other tangent plus more ideas and no real end solution,
Hi keep smiling, the cracked make up is it still your shade?
Shading away and fading and procrastinating
Making a mockery of the whole sound out station.

I’m not the only one whose lost their patience.

The end is in sight
This squalid ruined shite
Its ground and pathetic
Night after night.

Forgo another and trundle on
Excuse after excuse as we all plan our songs.
Guest and favours and rock n roll lime lights
Weren’t you on tomorrow? Same fucking plight.

I’ve walked away already
My heads gone
Planning the next one
Is a solemn carry on.

The spark is still hear
But I’m bitter and fear
To carry on in this reverse
Is the wrong fucking gear.

Every single Monday we wipe the slate clean
Give the losers the second chance and pathetically fear.
Losing what little respect already gone
Signal is not working, sorry it was timed all wrong.

Make It Happen
Its up to you
Stepping out for the sunlight
Commanding right through.

With a leap of faith you can always jump back
But unless you put a foot in the semi direction
Then your never going to spur on any emotion.
An that’s whats now void from this shame of a shambles.

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