Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I ain't missing you at all.

I chose to forget,
Or pretend to remember?
Born in November,
Coming home in September?

Just truly festive,
Handsome polite and full of Jestiv’

Frowns, slight winks,
Up for 100
& beyond high jinks.

Back when it started
In 20-01
Did we predict
So much fun?

Skulking, shirking
Late at night.
Crawling round the floor
In the moon light.

Shooting up anyone
With our pistol gun.
Shouting Bila Hoti
To the radio songs.

I tremble to think
What we’ll achieve now,
Brink back the dollar,
Forget the Dow.

Jones or Churches?
Underworld Brogues.
Dancing @ Christmas?
To our favourite Pogues!

I Fuxking miss you man,
You need to know.
In front of them all
I’m your biggest fan at the show.

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