Monday, 23 May 2011

Shoreditch Radio Schedule W/C 23-5

You can catch me on air twice this week with the Killing Moon.

Because it is that darn good!

Thomas Tantrum will be in interview this Friday - tune in for your chance to win signed copies of their record.


10am My Band's Better Than Your Band
11am The Killing Moon
12pm Benson and Proudfoot
1.15pm Conchitas Cabaret
2pm Dalston's Diamond Lights
3pm Mudlove
4pm Who the f*** knows contains strong language


10am - Dalston's Diamond Lights
12pm - Groin Exchange
1pm - Vic Hollup Show
2pm - Conchitas Cabaret
3pm - Bones Corp / At the end of the Tunnel
4pm - Show Pony and Big Fun


10am - Lyons and Barratt
12pm - Eleanor's Social Network
1pm - Scotch on the Socks
2pm - Lady Luck Club
3pm - Favourite Forgotten
4pm - Who the f*** knows


10am - Dance Dance Dance to the Radio
12pm - Rare Groove Show
1pm - Radio Jam
2pm - Conchitas Cabaret
3pm - Melting Pot
4pm - Invisible Jukebox

10am - My Band's Better than your band
12pm - Killing Moon
1pm - Lyons and Barratt
2pm - Kiss My Teeth
3pm - Dalston's Diamond Lights
4pm - The Anoraks

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