Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Shoreditch Radio Killing Moon Show 18 - Chair Balloon.

Killing Moon – Chair Balloon Show 18
Broadcast Friday 27th May 12:00

Delight / insight / load a shite? Yeah its all of the before.

With up down clown around's this show journey'd quite far into my dark thinkings with dancy up beats pop disco soundings and more macabe, somber Sunday night sort of sounds?

I are 7 days a week in everyday's with highs and hay fever lows, two's and frow's

Show 18 is really quickly spoken jabber with shouts to a few festive females, suggestions for the elongated weekend and musical Delights to the 100% Max.

I don't erm think I um say Ermmm once? Yeah though thinking jibber jabber turned and cranked to 11.

You will not turn back and Will be delighted to share this sailing sweet successful sounds.

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1. Tom Vek – A Core
New Single / Nothing but Green lights / KM

2. LCD - Drunk Girls
Lucy Christine Dodd / Champagne / Loose Cannons

3. Friendly Fires – True Love
November Tour / NME /

4. Lykki Li – Sadness is my boyfriend
Fixer / Entrance Band / Didz

5. Echo & The Bunnymen – THE KILLING MOON
Kevin Gooner Reed

6. Thurston Moore – Benediction
Elizabeth Alker

7. Vaccines – Post break up sex
Glasto watch / Train / Car / tents

8. Streets – Soldiers
Sunday tears /

9. I am harlequin – Betty Davis Eyes
Brand spanking new

10. drive band - Falling Back
Latest Single / Xfm veto / shake it

11. Thomas Tantrum. – Face the Music

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