Thursday, 2 June 2011

Harmonic Generator 13/10

The slightest of touch,
could be all too much.
But to see you like this
Is an Enormous fuss.

The last time we spoke,
wasn't the most fun
but the times before that
you made my head spun.

Your still with me
on so many days
Strutting & Smiling
in the cheekiest ways.

You pop in and out,
of a blurred up head
pictures of photos
You dressed up in red.

Should I say anything?
or just leave it out?
even a poke,
could be more of a shout.

Does it even matter,
after so long?
Well, your still in my thoughts
& in so many songs.

I'm sending good thoughts,
sending you vibes,
Your keeping Swell
& this a surprise.

Harmonic Generator, intermogulator xx

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