Friday, 17 June 2011

2 feet first

Met Sophie Ellis Bextor on Monday - she was giving blood for National Blood week, ummed and erred for ages before talking to her. They'd told me to take a seat, i'd done the finger prick bit an was waiting for the full pint challenge.

There was 1 guy in front of me + I really like her so thought fork it - got some snaps, they snapped me for the offical blood site too an it was really fun.

She liked Isabella a lot - twice commenting in fact!

Got very boshed @ the Tennis on Tuesday and have kind of paid for it all week, another midnight home stumble out with Dr Formless meant the headaches have become norm ish . . . .

21:00 bed times last night and I'm ready to Follow Friday! Loads of responses to the show and @'s for my new baby @shoreditchradio and the feet first diving just Had to happens.

Cam said she was in the office fort manning alone so to not call would've been just rude right? Tiffany 'I think we're alone now' then crept into my head an the prospect of a silly serinade was All my day needed.

Ummmed an errred an nearly backed out but pressed the dial speed and #makeithappen'd

Was lovely to hear her immaculate coloquial vocals and wayward weekend antic plannings.

I can't remember ever being so nervous about making a phone call? Still shaking a bit now - also went propper blonde, got out of the lift on the wrong floor, made a cup of tea and munched a chewing gum all in quick succession. Its English breakfast but now tasting more peppermint.

5"8 @girlterate Lovebox Sat we've got our date!

Blue Casette with the biggest of grin will spin soon as we depart from here, followed by Tiffany.

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