Saturday, 11 June 2011

Killing Moon Show 21 - U Tube Spesh

I'm full of shit. Essentially a performer, I get very itchy sitting still or at a desk and love the live improv of meeting / talking / acting something new.

I get tired pretty quickly too and my monkey mind means I'm never really thinking about 1 thing at a time more 2 or 3 whilst singing a song.

I wanted to be an actor, a TV presenter, after a month of uni realised that wasn't really an aimable aim so went for a musical route - present about music, perhaps on the radio?

Set my sights and extra curricularly studied the media radio modules (2:1 they awarded this part timer) learnt the editing / producing ship an carried on listening and dreamings .... #dreamgirl

Friendly forward a few years, side stepped read travel and news reports and now present the Killing Moon on Shoreditch Radio! Word to the fucking Word!

So good they thought of the show they chose it to launch the station in Octember 2010!

Got a few more title ambitions and desires, presenting this is just a love, when you listen is a hearthrob & I want MORE.

Bit hung over so I could be clouded judgements but this is happening? I was hanging with the Cooper Temple Clause last night and this is dreaming with my eyes open or are you gunner wake up.

Whatev's, a very honestly show with desires, ambitions, notions, emotions, front, lacking / lagging material but it'll never be broadcasts, only to you so Enjoy!

Just did a nuff hard pinch and this is really real, I do talk loads of ship but people pay me to do it so I can't keep quiet. This is real, its happening, happened and I will make you Mine!

Press Play ......

Download ...

Friendly Fires - Jump in the pool

Audio Bully's - Shoot Down

Oasis - Whatever

Van Halen - Jump

Pharell Williams - Frontin

Led Zeppelin - Ramble on

Madonna - Cherish

neneh cherry buffalo stance

The Cooper Temple Clause - Promises Promises

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