Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Killing Moon 23/11

Hi one and Hi all

3rd show tonight and I'm a bit more prepped than last week although can't find any INXS on my HD Drive! Just for the album i've got all their records - x2 copies of the greatest hits / Elegantly wasted & Shaboo Shabaa.

The greatest hits and Elegantly have different US/UK versions & my mum saw Shaboo in an Oxfam so buy'd it for me.

Going to give Michael Hutchence a big up as it was the 13th anniversary of his death yesterday.

Also in the show:
La Roux - In for the Kill (twleves Remix)
Drums - Me & the Moon
Mark Ronson - Bang Bang song
Klaxons - Twin Flames - Amazing new video dirty / kinky
Arcade Fire - Suburbs - dark vid
Warpaint - Undertow
Echo & the Bunnymen - the Cutter
New Young Pony Club - Lost a Girl.

Tune in Tune Up'

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