Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hoxton FM Radio Show: Hoxton Live iii

Hoxton Live playing out on Hoxton FM on Friday October 20th 2011 from midday.

Hoxton FM bringing Music Fashion Art Culture to the radio and to the local beauties that reside in Hoxton FM broadcast zone which, as we're online = the whole world.

Its an exclusive party at Hoxton FM but if you find us then the invite is worthy as are you.

Hoxton FM is broadcasting 24 hours a day and we'd like you to get involved if you are music fashion art culture - if you've got a mix spin it our way, if you'd like to play then head our way, if you dress impressed then touch us the same and if the culture beat shapes you feet then touch in @hoxtonfm

This is also a radio station and here is this weeks show.

Press Play .....

1. Raveonettes – Bowls of the Beast
2. Go Team – Buy Nothing Day
3. Horrors – I can see through you
4. CSS – Echo of love
5. Drums – How it ended
6. Guns N Roses – Nightrain
7. Stone Roses – She Bangs the Drum
8. Summercamp – Memories
9. Frost – In the Woods
10. Clockwork Radio – So will
11. I Friends – I’m His Girl – Lucky Number Records
12. ----------- Friends Interview -----------
13. Friendly Fires – Jump in the Pool

Hour 1


14. Slow Club – Where I’m Waking
15. Slow Club – Half Drunk
16. Anna Calvi – Blackout
17. Ana Lola – No Architect
18. Suga – Hey Baby 28
19. Echo & the Bunnymen – Back of love
20. David Bowie – Watch that man
21. Timber Timber – Woman
22. Real Fur 'The Fool'
23. Radiohead – Bodysnatch
24. Radiohead – No Surprises
25. Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix)
26. Chemical Brothers – Golden Path

Hour 2

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