Saturday, 10 March 2012

Friendly Fire

Still reeling from the wow and awe and awesome delight of sight spectacled last night at a pretty pub just off Upper St.

Was quite looking forward to doing a set from the Wenlock and Essex as the venue only has delightful memories of the vastly soundly successful Edge Music London which roall ar through the place each month.

Handsome houndsmith Spencer from the 286 was there on arrival and keen to get jiving, the gorgeous Danielle from Edge Music was also looking mighty fine in some new Beyond Retro garms and the beats ticked on.

I was over delighted already to have such fine accompany in attendance already when the doors broke down and the sight of John Simms, Daniel Garvey, Emma Lindsay, Mighty Mellers and Ian James Burst IN!

Biggest Brightest Boldest Distraction Ever all bounding round Hoxton FM. Stage fright delight followed as the most spesh listeners in attendance / existence were tuned in and the pressure was certainly ON.

Danielle Dan, Emma Danielle, Spencer Ian, Mellers Danielle (gang intro) pressure, on, the dancefloor glowed, the tiquila flowed and its so beautifully delish as I depict and dictorally type the memoirs out.

Work is like Killa, they are actually making me work? Its full on but boundless fun, prepping the show (s) an musics and guests and twitters has been tricky, exhausting, exciting. Seeing you all after a very elongated 5 days of a week, sweetly surprising is the most magnificent gift I would've never even dreamed an is tearing me up a little now.

Thank you all So much xx

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