Thursday, 22 July 2010

Eduardo Off

I was slightly pleased to hear the news Eduardo was being linked with moves away from Arsenal, when he didn't travel with the team to Austria the impending deals were almost sealed.

Wasn't until last night when I really thought about his record with us, how exciting and fresh he was, scoring for fun - the game against Everton he played up front on his own and annihilated them!

I remember the Birmingham game so clearing, watching it with Lisa in my flat in Whitechapel, the 15min delay, the Clichy pen in the last minute and big Willy crying. We were top of the league then and looked closer then ever to re-claiming our title!

I checked on his progress almost daly at stages hoping and willing him to get back and was delighted to see him walking, running and training again!

There were brief flashes against Burnley in the FA Cup and a few other moments when he looked to be back but a plague of other injuries meant he struggled to get back his early form.

The Celtic Penalty Bollox saga that ensued at the start of last season I think did more lasting damage than fucking Martin Taylor, after the 2 footed Uefa Fifa blow he never did really recover.

The headder against West Ham last season was a brief glimps of his talent and I hope he plays with head and heart at Shaktar and we see him really become the player he so nearly did for The Arsenal.

Eduardo - Eduardo - Eduardo Eduardo""""

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