Saturday, 19 November 2011

Summer Camp Review EFES 17/11

Simply outstanding, with a set that started in the crowd and a storming gig to make the adoring fans proud.

Shhhhh was the instruction from the switched on secensters at the back who'd seen Elizabeth and Jeremy making their way down the stairs at the back of the room strumming and singing un mic'd and visually alive.

After taking to the stage the sound then blasted through and fitted the 80's echo'd EFES snooker hall we were all playing ball in.

A visual backdrop saw short snaps of drippy high school photo's and classic movie clips which were in sync with the feeling of the songs and the track lengths too.

The irresistible Dalston audience was far to much for Beth who took to the crowd a further two times goading and singing up and close, encouraging inviting almost demanding to be touched with spark and shine to match her firework flash dress.

Touching feeling was formally requested after the gig where the band then hung out at the back signing snaps and continuing what was a hugely incredible performance and by a long shot the hottest heat ever felt in November.

The album Welcome to Condale is out now on Moshi Moshi
twitter: @summercampband

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