Sunday, 20 March 2011

Big Sky

Really Huge afternoon on the sports desk - 6 Nations climax and a full football fixture list.

Je arrive 13:00 - set the scene familiar up on whats going down.

Bit of Tweet Dec / Newsnow Sport / Arsenal / send out the previews.

15:00 Rugga Scotland was finishing soccer starting

16:30 - collating the final scores

16:57 shitting it - Didn't have all the scores and going live in ... 5

17:03 head into the studio with loads of time to spare but when is 2mins ever Loads of time?

17:05 read the scores, my heart was just thundering, took until about league 2 or Blue Square Premier before I found a bit of rythum.

17:08 - 21:30 send out stories with audio cuts from all the days games

19:00 shouted a bit @ England getting so stuffed.

21:50 Exhausted beaten, spent, asked to record the am wrap - elated again.

22:01 Buzzing chatter with Kristian pleading with him to use the Moon as the headlines story.

22:21 Train to Waterloo and the Loose Cannons Party!

Press Play ....

AM Wrap

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