Sunday, 20 March 2011

Thank you for all of this, I really couldn't have done it without you

Its very exhausting watching and writing about sport all day, no it really is, its really strict, my grammar is appauling and accurate swift checking of names, results, past results, form, predictions, pace, accuracy?

Its fucking tough but so, So unbelieveably rewarding, I don't stop to think how the fuck am I here but I should.

The biggest thanks to the biggest and most inspiration Radio Head I've ever worked with, he pushed me, pushed me, helped me, pushed me, inspired me, pushed me and was with me the day I sent the demo to Sky.

Head of News at Radio Jackie Rod Bradbury is lending his expert country music knowledge with some of the youngest tallent emerging in news broadcasting.

The list is endless of young starletts who step into the office mazy headded and step out and into Sky, BBC, Heart, TV whatever that is?

Thanks so much Rod, you've really made this happen for me, it was great being the stations Winter Olympics Correspondant and it will be an even bigger pleasure representing the station in everyway I can at London 2012.

Thank YOU.

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