Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Heavy Weather - Show 11 The Killing Moon's

Fine feast fest guest?

Stopped sharkin a minute to get chips and show - all for you.

Man are the sounds hot - if BST official wasn't warming your wang this bag of beats certainly will Jeary.

I head wasn't where it should be but wee'd battled on, the more astute of you will know where my head was and the rest of you hopefully wont know.

The Chi has returned literally just now despite reading some horror press, just don't look, if it pain look away and lay back observe the skies.

Didn't get time to shout to you two but you'll get big props in next weeks show through my disguise demise?

Up-roar explosion with Muji Candle scents.

Its the perfume of excess I wore Press Play ....

1. Strokes - Taken for a FOOL? No.3 Angels / BBQ / BST Official / 19:30 sun sex

2. Friendly Fires - Live those days tonight Tix arrived XOYO / 16/5 PALA

3. Vampire Weekend - Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover) Aching / Golf / F1 - 1lbs Wee

4. Beau & Arrows - the Fix I want you / I Want You / Goose Bumps / cry / Hope & release records Beau in conversation next week

5. Elbow - High Ideals Radio News

6. Suzanne Vega - Luka Fox Meet up / Hacket

7. Joy Formidable - The Last Drop Bit like Beau & Arrows vocals? Jo Parry 9PR

8. Cribs - Same Skies SimO / NYC 4 weeks / SimO 5 weeks

9. Strokes - Two kinds of happiness

10. British Sea Power - Heavy Weather

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