Monday, 4 April 2011

West London Derby 2-4 the April Fools

Particularly pleasing show this week, the gang before us left the studio in a right ridiculous state hence the iffy intro to the show.

General chitter twatter was around Fergie's rant at the FA, Michael Jackson at Craven Cottage, Brentford at Wembley and Stoke v Barcelona.

We both done shout's to our mothers and to yours as well so its an all round giving show.

Friendly Fires - Relationships kicked us off, bit of classic Strokes, Don Henley Boys of summer, Suzanne Vega and Madonna for all the ladies / gents.

It was like soccer am but in the pm only no cross bar challenge, skill skool, tubes, guests, penalty shoot out, Helen Chamberlin , , ,

It was nothing like soccer am but you might enjoy some of it.

Press Play .....

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