Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Show 12 Kiss me Again

There was so much emotion FM to this show, it doesn't make a second of sense but I really and truly loved every minute of it.

Higher flyering after interviewing Beau and Dr Jammin from the Beau and Arrows, they dropped by for a chat and we'll play their delicious new single the Fix out now.

Didz from the Cooper Temple Clause yes Didz live on the phone too! Its tremble some how much I still love that band and his favourite TCTC tune thrown in there.

The rest is just delinquent, Ken Bostero? I don't know how he got into the show but I can see you stayin here.

Burning blue flames - a new Valentine on the scene, she was a distant vision on February 14 but is very much in view right now.

Course we touched on Donnie Darko, course the Joy Formidable, Friendly Features, Blackouts, Strokes, and a dedication to my dad? I think Frank wants me to talk to him.

Press Play .....

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