Friday, 22 April 2011

365 days in static

I quite like looking forward, the bright lights the weekend beholds is always encouraging during slumps in the week. With 4 days of freedom, this Easter weekend has been looking good in the calendar all year.

Peering back over my shoulder is pretty fun too, reflecting on the days, weeks and months past. Was in a cafe yesterday watching the waiters do their thing and it took me back 365 days to when I was there.

This time last year I had just started freelancing at Southend Radio. It was a brilliant place to be at the time, summer by the sea was exceptional and regular news-reading was fantastic. They paid pretty swell too"

The task at hand was fantastic and I was making progress with Heart Essex who I was breakfast newsreader for throughout the world cup. Watching the lunchtime kick off's in the studio then racing home to watch the 15:00's and evenings. Vu Vu Zela!

It doesn't feel like its on the back burner now, I always say I'm a journalist when people ask and we're starting to pick it up at Shoreditch Radio so my head is still between the lines.

Mixing news reading with waiting tables at the S&M cafe in Farrdingdon seems worlds apart from 9-5 agency account managing for Incisive but I wont be rushing back.

Looking forward - I'm hitting Sky this weekend for some sport scripting and perhaps classified scores reading? Certainly didn't see myself here 365 days ago.

NYC next week - I'm tapping up some stations to maybe record a Killing Moon? And Wimbledon coverage for Radio Jackie and London 2012 all on the horizon.

25c, its all feeling nicely humid.


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  1. Nice story Dave. Spent the first game of the world cup in a bar on bucks palace road courtesy of the SA tourism board. Vuvuzelas blasting in my ear'oles. Goonerreed.