Tuesday, 5 April 2011

May the 5th be with you

In exactly a calendar's time the finest fearsome foxtrotting females fan favourite returns from his voyages around the world and i'll be counting the clock till we rock.

When Jon Sims announced he'd be taking travels across the planet, the world crept out a delighted smile.

A size 14st on the scales he's a big man in stature but by far and away the personality holds more weight and wonder in motion.

A tongue like a razor, a six switch blade knife, he can do you favours but then you'll do whatever he likes!

Wasn't really that bothered at first, keeping regularly FB contact, definite a few -3 moments when the big city has been biting and I've had no one to bite back i've looked up and, and welled up.

Think we spoke on the phone pretty much every day prior to the October je departure, now with May Five firmly in sight its time to get the banner and box fresh band rolled out for the welcome back.

Soo uncontainable is his normal level of excitement - he struggles to formulate words, bumps into you, devours foods and demands to be entertained 25/7.

On vacation this can sometimes get a little close as Dan, Pat, Emma, Lisa, Hannah? Will all agree, but a companion I can't wait to have back and here in the hug some flesh.

Enjoy your last 30 days, Your the biggest adventure the southern hemisphere has ever laid eyes on and the party is gunner be beyond the hook when you return.

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