Monday, 21 February 2011

Bread or Dead

Man what a turbulent Monday didn't really wake up more kind of just fell up, out an rolling on my way.

Read a very funny article in the Metro which left me glorious smiling and had a pretty smilesome meeting early on but the day just had so many strugglesome hardships.

Was really contimplating life and the meaning of when a small confectionary injection of chocolate fingers, fruit mentos, tea & some mini toblerones made me a bit gonzo.

Domestic XL when I got in - started the soup, 2 loads of washing and 3miles round Victoria Park in 24:34.

The rewarding scent of fresh bread welcomed me home and what a Fresh Full Wonderous sight did becon. Thought this mornings batch was good (u can see the remains in the background) The PM produce was worth snapping.

Gunner start a factory and your all invited.

You've got the Touch .....

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