Monday, 28 February 2011

Who's in control? British Sea Power Review

I just don't know, who's in control?

Apt in so many ways in mine life, whilst commenting on big society and its bullshit burning of the bridges which bond us together.

Don't really know why but it sums up how I listen/love my music. @ the end of 2010 I said - British Sea Power it'll be the first proper record of 2011. I'd heard the single once but just felt with no grounds, research or any evidence what so ever Valhalla Dance Hall would kick it.

Bought the actual CD & it blew the shit out of the stereo with instant Impact. Who's in control? the most rousing emotive thumping fisting song to kick off any album, it continues in similar vein before dipping into tear some mellow delicious Georgie Ray & Baby (tears,tears,tears)

Listened to the records non stop across the weekend to get prepped for the gig and what a start - they opened with - Who's in control to which I sung louder than that band at times.

The crowd were all probably early 30's, the scent of deep heat crept through on many occasions as these slightly aging indie rock fans mellow moshed to my new favourite band.

Tweeted I wasn't really digging it early on as it wasn't as ruckus as I expected but am ashamed as it was damming criticism in NME fashion. I was close to the front but not proper in it so hurled my beer and forced forward.

Waving Flags, No Lucifer, fan favourites got the deep heat gang and I shaking the Forum and it was a wicked wind down of a Weekend.

They went off with a few more tunes left to kick out, in determined, focused, slightly apprehensive fashion I started a slow clap - clap - clap - (few more hands join) clap - clap - clap - they return - Easy - Easy - Easy we all chant (started by me again)

Can't remember the end but I do remember very pretty colours on their stage and set as these pics say.

Press play ....

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