Monday, 28 February 2011

Loose Cannons - Hoxton Pony

I’m almost on fire, is that what you’d like?

Inspiring and Inspirational, I believe in Cannonia & explained the essence of it to Anna? On Saturday night – Transparent elation’ an incredible notion / feeling.

Was Soo over hyped after doing the network bulletin at Sky I could barely contain myself, pondered on the train whilst sipping a beer what oh what do I do now? Loose Cannons single launching the Hoxton Pony, hmmm?

100% YES – G-list ‘Alex Love’ to which the girl on the door commented nice name, thanks luv.

They were on ridiculously good form, the tunes were exceptional, the essence was there and Cannonia fired high and wide into the Shoreditch Sky. Saucy has a poze for every day of the week and watching women flock round them for shot after shot is awe inspiring.

Lights, whistles, sunglasses, Vodka Cranberry on the ryder, beats, beauties, Bonzo way to party after my Broadcasting Birthday.

We after partied in the backroom – cigarettes and all – Inside! Then headed to Village Underground for a bit more destruction.

6am-ish and I strolled into the Shoreditch Sunrise with success all around.

I’m almost on fire, is that what you’d like?

Press Play ……

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